MCU: New Rare Look Inside of Iron Man's Armor Revealed (Photos)

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Recently, Hot Toys has been on a bit of a nostalgic binge with its Marvel-themed figurine sets, such as Hugh Jackman's Wolverine from X-Men: Day of Future Past. In addition, the Hong Kong-based production announced plans for another figure based on Tony Stark in Iron Man 3, revealing a unique look inside his armor.

On top of the Wolverine throwback figure, Hot Toys also announced an updated figure for Black Panther from Captain America: Civil War and even has a toy planned for Stan Lee's cameo appearance in Thor: Ragnarok. So, fans can anticipate models based on not only recent film releases but old ones too.

Of course, this new Hot Toys set is based on a specific scene from the Iron Man threequel, showing a rare interior shot of Stark's armored suit.

Tony Stark's Panic Attack Immortalized in Plastic

Hot Toys & Marvel revealed a new model set of Tony Stark's Mark VII Iron Man armor, based on a specific scene from Iron Man 3. After Stark is triggered into having a panic attack and flees to his Iron Man armor, audiences saw a fantastically detailed look inside it.

Iron Man 3 Tony Stark Panic Attack
Marvel Studios

Hot Toys was "proud to introduce" the Iron Man Mark VII (Open Armor Version) 1/6th scale collectible, enabling fans to see each individual piece to close up the suit.

Hot Toys Figure Iron Man 3 Tony Stark
Hot Toys

As described by Hot Toys, the model was "engineered with incredible precision," allowing for "a more realistic impression with selected armor parts" which can replicate the suit-up scene in Iron Man 3.

Iron Man 3 Hot Toys Moving Parts
Hot Toys

The model also boasts a "LED light-up function on arc reactor" and the rest of the interior armor.

Iron Man Zoom-In Hot Toys Interior
Hot Toys

It measures 32.5cm tall with a streamlined design and sculpted interior, "revealing intricate mechanical composition" of the suit.

Iron Man 3 Interior Lights Hot Toys
Hot Toys

The outside of the model also has "metallic colored painting" showcasing detailed "weathering effects" from its continued use after the events of The Avengers.

Iron Man 3 Exterior Armor Model Hot Toys
Hot Toys

The Iron Man 3 collectible also allows for two display options utilizing its LED lights, either using a USB cable to power the Mark VII figure for an individual display or drawing power from the diorama base set.

Iron Man 3 Open Armor Hot Toys Full View
Hot Toys

Pre-orders for this new Iron Man 3-inspired model aren't yet available, but fans should expect it to be released between the end of 2023 and early 2024.

Nostalgia for MCU Tactile Armor

It's fantastic to see Hot Toys giving Iron Man 3 its proper due, despite lackluster feedback from some fans. The scene in which Tony struggles through a panic attack and flees into his Iron Man armor is still one of the stand-out scenes of the threequel.

So it's appreciative to see Hot Toys immortalize it in plastic, especially since it allows fans to see the interior of Stark's Iron Man suit, which became impossible after the billionaire converted to nanotechnology. 

This is another reason why it's so great to see Dominique Thorne's Riri Williams wearing a practical suit on set and her Iron Man-inspired armor being as bulky and physical as some of Tony's more classic suits. It'd be amazing if Hot Toys managed to make a set for Williams's makeshift armor in Ironheart.

Iron Man 3 is now streaming on Disney+.

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