Disney Delays Black Widow Release Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

‘Black Widow’ Release Pushed Back Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Fans shouldn't be too suprised by this news. Especially after other blockbusters delayed their own releases like Fast & Furious 9 and Disney's own Mulan. In addition to practically every single movie and television halting filming and production due to the virus. Now, Variety is reporting that Disney has finally, as many anticipated, pushed back the release of Black Widow due to the coronavirus.


Black Widow will not be released on its intended May 1 release and has been delayed just like other Disney releases like MulanThe New Mutants and Antlers. However, Disney has not determined a new release date at this time. This would make 2020 the first year since 2009 that a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie was not released in late-April or early-May.


When Disney will release Black Widow now can only be guessed, but it would have to be, at minimum, in June when AMC will reportedly reopen its theaters. Even then, the coronovirus will likely still be present in North America by that time.

There have already been numerous other reports about studios releasing their movies on video-on-demand servies, like Birds of Prey or many of Universal's recent releases. But, fans shouldn't anticipate Disney to do the same with Black Widow and release it on Disney+, since that service is not yet globally available. Not to mention that for many of these releases, they will have already played in theaters for several weeks or will play in theaters alongside the VOD release.

Another concern about this delay is its potential to cause a domino effect on the entire current MCU schedule. Since Black Widow is delayed, will this mean that The Eternals will have to be delayed too? The two 2020 films releasing too close together could result in less-than-stellar performances from both of them at the box office, especially with every other blockbuster delaying their releases. It's doubtful that fans will lose enthusiasm for Black Widow, considering its previous box office trackings, but it does make it more unpredictable.

The MCU's forthcoming Disney+ shows are reported to be very intertwined with their MCU movie counterparts, so this delay could cause some concern for the August 2020 release of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. These are indeed confusing and concerning times, but Disney is sure to have plans for how to get through this, while keeping fans (and Disney shareholders) happy.


Matt Roembke - While it is tough to have wait even longer for our first taste of Phase 4 MCU, this was something we saw coming due to everything going on. But for some, we have waited almost 10 years for a Black Widow film. And when it finally gets here, we will be off and running with Phase 4 content for the foreseeable future.

Pierre Chanliau - No, before you think it, they aren't just going to put this on their streaming service. First, not everyone can see it, since Disney+ isn't even available in half the markets yet, and second, they're not going to upload a $140M+ budget movie onto their streaming service after having a year long theatrical movie campaign for it.

Liam McDonough - It was completely inevitable, but it's still a shame. I suspect this will create a cascade effect for the rest of Marvel Studios' upcoming releases getting pushed back, particularly the ones that Black Widow was to drop hints for.

Richard Nebens - Not shocking, doesn’t take away from the sadness of it though. This is going to be felt across the entire entertainment industry, but once this is all over, I have a feeling people are going to want to get out into the world like crazy and everything will see a huge spike. Just gotta keep everyone safe and healthy for the time being.

John Ross Bradford - This is obviously very disappointing for any fan of the MCU. However, considering the fragile state that the entire world is in right now, this decision is very clearly made with everyone’s best interests in mind.

Aeron Mer Eclarinal - I have expected it but it's just unfortunate. I wonder if this will affect other MCU properties knowing the interconnectivity between them. While Black Widow is a prequel, it has been confirmed to plant some seeds in the future of the MCU. Let's just hope that Marvel Studios has a back up plan for an unprecedented event like this.

Jack McBryan - Expected, but unfortunate. Hopefully this MCU project being pushed back doesn't have a domino effect on other MCU projects, as this could have a huge impact on future releases.

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