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Iron Fist Actor Reacts to Rumors Marvel Doesn't Want Him Back

Finn Jones has commented on rumors that Mavel doesn't want his version of Iron Fist to return.

By Russ Milheim -

Netflix's Iron Fist Star Gets Candid About 'Failed' Show

Iron Fist star Finn Jones shared his thoughts on why his Marvel Netflix series flopped.

By Richard Nebens -

MCU: 5 Upcoming Disney+ Specials We Expect In Phase 5 & 6

Which characters will receive Marvel Studios new Special Presentation treatment next?

By Matt Roembke -

Marvel's Iron Fist: Finn Jones Wants MCU Redemption Following Poor Reviews

Finn Jones has shared how he would like his version of Iron Fist to continue within the MCU.

By Savannah Sanders -

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