Iron Fist Actor Reacts to Rumors Marvel Doesn't Want Him Back

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Finn Jones has offered some new thoughts on returning to the role of Iron Fist, despite rumors that Marvel Studios doesn't want him back.

Out of all the Marvel Netflix series, Iron Fist was the most divisive of the bunch—it's often brought up in conversations as an example of the worst of the worst.

However, with Charlie Cox back as Daredevil, many have wondered if all the Netflix characters will eventually make a return. The question that often comes from that discussion is if that includes Danny Rand.

Rumors have made their way around the web  stating that Marvel Studios doesn’t want Jones back as Iron Fist—something many are inclined to believe, given the show‘s reception.

Finn Jones, the man behind the (singular) titular fist, recently voiced how he wants another chance to be the "best possible Iron Fist there could be."

The specific rumor came from DisInsider’s Derek Cornell, who shared how "[he heard] they’re not bringing Finn Jones back for Iron Fist."

But how true could that be?

Finn Jones Comments on Those Nasty Iron Fist Rumors

Finn Jones, Iron Fist

In an interview with Geekscape, Iron Fist actor Finn Jones talked about possibly returning to his superhero role while also commenting on the rumors that Marvel doesn't want him back.

When asked if he would go back to the role, like Charlie Cox and Vincent D'Onofrio have done with their roles as Daredevil and Kingpin, the actor exclaimed, "of course [he] would."

As for claims that Marvel Studios doesn’t want him back as Danny Rand, the actor sharply countered that “[he] love[s] the ability to prove someone wrong.”

Jones also made it clear that he believes he can "give the Danny Rand performance that fans want and I know is possible:"

"Of course I would! I'd love another chance... I care about [Danny Rand] deeply. I believe in that character, I believe there is a lot of work that can be done. There's something about the underdog. I love the underdog narrative. I love the ability to prove someone wrong. And I want to prove all those [doubters] wrong. I know I have it in me, and I know I can give the Danny Rand performance that fans want and I know is possible."

The conversation then diverted to Charlie Cox, with Jones noting how he's "so excited to see him portraying that character back on screen again:"

"But I'm really, really, really happy that Charlie [Cox] has his job back. That he's gonna be Daredevil again, and I think he's fantastic for the role, and I'm so excited to see him portraying that character back on screen again."

Jones went on to admit how he'd love to "see a Heroes for Hire series," however, he strongly feels that Jessica Henwick's Colleen Wing should "still be the Iron Fist:"

"From my perspective, I would love to come back. But I think it'd have to be in a way that makes most creative and narrative sense. For me, I've been thinking about this, I think it would be really cool to see a Heroes for Hire series. That's the way to bring him back. But then also to have Colleen [Wing] to come back and still be the Iron Fist. She should be holding that fist, she should show up in, maybe [a] Shang-Chi [sequel]—you know, it doesn't have to be Shang-Chi, but it can be whatever Marvel property. Colleen as Iron Fist should fuckin' be [in the biggest] movies. She deserves that, and she's great for doing that."

The actor then posed that, after Danny and Luke's Heroes for Hire, and "seasons of television and films," "those characters [would] come back together in a dynamic and real way."

"And I would love to see her show up to something like that and then to have Danny and Luke [Cage] show up on their own series. And then, over the course of seasons of television and films, you see those characters come back together in a dynamic and real way. It allows for Danny to have redemption. It allows for Colleen and Iron Fist to have her moment. For me, that makes the most creative sense. It's all there. The possibility is all there."

To conclude his point, Jones made it clear that "[he's simply] a fan of the characters" and is an "audience member" like everyone else:

"This is how to go about it... I'm just a fan, man. I'm a fan of the characters, a fan of the stories—take Finn, take my acting ego out of the equation for a moment. As an audience member, as someone who loves the Iron Fist and loves Danny Rand and wants to see their representation in film and television, I think what I just described is the best way to bring back all these characters in a way that makes everyone feel happy."

Should Finn Jones Return?

Honestly, it's probably for the best he doesn't return to the role. After all, Iron Fist Stunt Coordinator Brett Chan revealed last year that "the actor [didn't] want to train" for their stunt sequences.

While Jones isn't named directly, contextually, he's really the only option when it comes to who Chan would be talking about.

If Finn Jones truly didn't want to train for his sequences as the Iron Fist, a master in hand-to-hand combat, then he doesn't deserve the role—plain and simple. He even seems more passionate about Colleen Wing keeping the mantle of the titular character over himself.

Besides Cox and D'Onofrio, no other actors have been confirmed to be returning from their Netflix days. However, both Krysten Ritter's Jessica Jones and Jon Bernthal's Punisher have been heavily rumored on both occasions.

If Marvel Studios does want to re-introduce Iron Fist to the world, whether that be Finn Jones or a new actor entirely, the yet-to-be-announced Shang-Chi sequel would be the perfect place to do so.

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