Iron Fist's Jessica Henwick Admits She's 'Torn' About Possible Marvel Return

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Fans of the former Marvel Netflix shows have had a great time in recent weeks; Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin has officially shown up in Hawkeye, and Charlie Cox's Daredevil is rumored to appear in Spider-Man: No Way Home. These are things that audiences never thought they would see come to fruition, yet Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is making it happen.

With characters from Daredevil crossing over, it begs the question: what may be next? Will it be PunisherJessica Jones?

With Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings having just explored the mystical side of the MCU, Iron Fist could be a project the MCU may revisit sooner rather than later. When the show was airing on Netflix, it got mixed reception––and that's putting it lightly.

Either way, coming into the MCU could be a second chance for all of those characters that didn't get their due. But would the actors behind them even be interested in returning?

At least one Iron Fist star would be willing to.

A Second Chance For Iron Fist?

Iron Fist MCU

In an interview with SyFy, actress Jessica Henwick, who brought Colleen Wing to life in Netflix's Iron Fist series, discussed how she'd feel about returning to the character.

The last time audiences saw the character, she had taken up the mantle of Iron Fist and teamed up with Simone Missick's Misty Knight to take on crime in Danny Rand's absence.

Henwick stated that she's "torn." On one hand, she'd love to because "[she] put so much work into her," and "[she] felt really passionate about her story:"

“I'm so torn... on the one hand yes, because I loved her and I put so much work into her. And she is one of those characters I tried to protect so hard. I felt really passionate about her story.”

On the other hand, however, she said that the series "left her in a great place," and that bringing her back would mean introducing conflict into her life:

“So yes... I would love to revisit her and get back into her head... on the other hand, we left her in a great place. She's paired up with Misty, she's got that going on, she's got her powers, she seems to be good at it... she's living her best life. And I know if we bring her back, we have to bring her into conflict. I just want her to have her happy ending.”

Does the notion of a full-on Daughters of the Dragon series tempt her at all? Many are in favor of a story like that, but does Henwick agree? 

As for if the idea of her own series is of interest, the actor said that "[she'd] love to see them back in some form or another:"

“I loved working with Simone. Misty is a great character and she kills it... and I think that the pairing is so interesting, and fresh, and unlike anything that's on TV now. So yeah, I'd love to see them back in some form or another.” 

Although she's heard the rumors about her potential comeback the same way that fans have, Henwick can't predict what will happen with Colleen in the future:

“Maybe they will cross over to the films... I don't know. I've been hearing that rumor for so long, I don't really know what to believe anymore.”

Is Iron Fist Next for a Revival?

Jessica Henwick is far from the first to speak out about the possibility of reprising their roles in the MCU. Kristen Ritter admitted to wanting to put Jessica Jones' ripped jeans back on, and Jon Bernthal would be willing to revisit his skull-adorned vest, provided Marvel Studios does the character justice.

With the return of Vincent D'Onofrio, and possibly Charlie Cox, it's all but a guarantee that more will follow. Even with this in play, it's hard to imagine that Henwick would be next; no offense to her or the character, but she doesn't quite hold up to Jessica Jones or Punisher when it comes to being a fan favorite.

If Henwick does get picked to return, at least she knows Marvel Studios is still interested in her talents––she nearly got a part in Shang-Chi.

Fans will just have to keep watching the various MCU projects as they come, and hope that they'll see familiar faces pop up. Maybe Jessica Jones will pop up during She-Hulk's run, or maybe one of Jennifer Walter's many cases will involve the alcoholic PI.

Marvel Studios' Hawkeye streams weekly every Wednesday only on Disney+, while Spider-Man: No Way Home is playing in theaters worldwide.

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