Hawkeye Theory: How One Brutal Daredevil Scene Explains Kingpin's New Weapon

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Hawkeye Kingpin cane Daredevil

Hawkeye Episode 5 provided major revelations that the show's season finale will need to unravel before it wraps. The Disney+ series is nearing its endgame, with fans anxious to find out if Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton will make it home for Christmas. Before the (former?) Avenger gets to spend time with his family though, Clint needs to help Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop with her newfound problem with her mother, Eleanor, and the looming threats of Echo, the Tracksuit Mafia, and now, Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin from Netflix's Daredevil

From the get-go, Hawkeye has been delivering a plethora of surprises, significant reveals, and intimate character moments. The first three episodes mainly focused on Clint and Kate's dynamic, as well as setting up Echo's bright MCU future. 

Hawkeye Episode 4 changed the game by going deeper into its connections with the larger MCU by showcasing the arrival of Black Widow's Yelena Belova, a character who is seeking revenge against Clint for the death of Natasha Romanoff. The latest installment took it up a notch by revealing Eleanor's villainous ties and the grand Marvel comeback of Vincent D'Onofrio's Wilson Fisk 

As Episode 5 cements Kingpin's debut, there are still a lot of questions that need to be answered. Now, a new trailer may shed some light on some of those queries. while also giving a hint at a continuation of Fisk's story from the Netflix series. 

Hawkeye Finale Trailer Unveils Kingpin's Cane

Hawkeye's finale trailer confirmed that the MCU's Kingpin will use his iconic cane. In addition, the crime boss can be seen wearing a pair of purple pants, which is a clear homage to his design in the comics. 

Vincent D'Onofrio as Kingpin, Hawkeye
Marvel Studios

Fisk's diamond-tipped black cane completes his overall look, but the comics revealed that this is more than just part of his ensemble. 


Fisk's cane is referred to as the Disintegrator Cane, a device that showcases a laser beam weapon that can fire a short pulse of 300 watts. This wattage is enough energy to vaporize a handgun in plain sight, thus cementing its dangerous effect toward Fisk's enemies. 

Other versions of the cane features a direct-contact electroshock weapon. This was used by a version of Fisk in 1990s X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons. 

Kingpin, Marvel Comics

At this stage, it is unknown why Fisk decides to use a cane. The main reason behind its inclusion could revolve around him carrying a weapon just in case of an unexpected attack. 

However, it's possible that Fisk is hiding a major injury that could be tied to his previous appearance in Netflix's Daredevil

How Netflix's Daredevil Connects to Kingpin's MCU Debut

Back in Daredevil's Season 3 finale, an intense and brutal showdown between Charlie Cox's Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk occurred. 

The two mortal enemies exchanged hard-hitting blows to one another, leaving both of them bloodied and bruised throughout. 

Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, Vincent D'Onofrio as Kingpin

However, Murdock and Fisk aren't the only ones present in the fight, since "Dex" Poindexter (wearing a full Daredevil costume) arrives on the scene to seek revenge against the Kingpin for the death of a woman he cared about. 

Bullseye, Daredevil

The threeway battle ensued inside the Presidential Hotel, ultimately leading to Bullseye throwing two shards of glass near Fisk's stomach and hip area. 


This is a major blow to Fisk's physical well-being, and this injury ultimately led to his defeat at the hands of Murdock. 

Vincent D'Onofrio as Kingpin, Daredevil

Daredevil's Season 3 ending confirmed that Kingpin is behind bars, due to his deal with Murdock. To recap, Murdock threatened Fisk to leave him and his friends (Karen Page and Foggy Nelson) alone. If not, then Murdock would use incriminating evidence against Fisk's wife, Vanessa, that could also lead her to jail. 

Fast forward to the events of Hawkeye, Kingpin is now using a cane, but the question remains: is this purely for fashion or is there a deeper meaning behind it?

In the bow-wielding MCU series, Kingpin is enjoying his freedom away from the public eye, sending orders to his loyal henchmen from the shadows. This is entirely different from his Daredevil fate, but it's possible that a similar battle could've taken place in the MCU. 

The MCU's Bullseye's glass shard attack could've been the main reason why Kingpin is using a cane, with him potentially being impaled for a good amount of time. It's possible that he is still recovering at this stage, and he could've weaponized the cane for his protection against upcoming threats. 

In addition, the MCU's Matt Murdock would've also encountered Kingpin, and he may have left a couple of blows that could've led to cognitive damage on his end, thus hurting his sense of balance. 

While this development doesn't establish that Marvel's Netflix shows are MCU canon, this goes to show that Marvel Studios is honoring what came before. This is in line with Cox's previous comment that "there's going to be some elements [of Netflix's Daredevil] that are of course the same," and Kingpin's use of his cane could serve as a solid example. 

Kingpin could serve as the basis on how other Netflix characters like Luke Cage and Jessica Jones would continue their own stories alongside Earth's Mightiest Heroes. 

All in all, many would agree that this could serve as a tribute to dedicated fans of Marvel's Netflix series, while also pushing the narrative forward by exploring story possibilities set within the larger MCU. 

Hawkeye's season finale is set to premiere on Wednesday, December 22, on Disney+.

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