Hawkeye Finale Trailer Reveals New Footage of Kingpin

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Marvel Studios' Hawkeye is building up to an epic finish with the season finale coming on December 22, 2021, likely closing out the year with a bang in the MCU's streaming sphere. Thanks to its penultimate episode fully delivering Florence Pugh's Yelena Belova and giving Kingpin fans hope for the future, the hype for the show's finale is skyrocketing in short order.

For the past few months, seen former Netflix star Vincent D'Onofrio offer constant teases about his Kingpin potentially becoming MCU canon, particularly after rumors pointed to this being the case in Hawkeye. This only increased in volume and intensity when the show started streaming, particularly with that fateful moment in Episode 3 when Maya Lopez's "uncle" first appeared on-screen.

Combine these teases in-universe with D'Onofrio's suspicious social media activity, and it seemed inevitable that the Kingpin of Crime would find his way into this story. In the final moments of Episode 5, those teases turned into full-blown mayhem amongst the fan base with the train to Fisk Station moving full speed ahead.

Marvel Studios' Kingpin is Here

Warning - This article contains spoilers for Episode 5 of Hawkeye.

Marvel Studios released a 30-second promo for the final episode of Hawkeye on Disney+, which will premiere on December 22, 2021. This spot was titled "The Boss."

Included in the footage was a shot of Vincent D'Onofrio's Wilson Fisk/Kingpin as he walks near the Tracksuit Mafia. The MCU newcomer appears to be sporting a pair of his classic purple pants from the comics, and his comic-accurate cane appears front and center in the shot.

Hawkeye, Kingpin
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The full spot can be seen below:


Hawkeye In for Epic Finale with Kingpin Debut

Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin is a character that many fans have hoped would see a return since Netflix's Daredevil met its cancellation in 2018. With his future uncertain, even amongst hopes from D'Onofrio himself that he would return to the role, this comeback set social media ablaze as he officially entered the MCU.

Following up from that epic ending to Episode 5, it appears that Hawkeye's final episode will let the iconic villain fully loose in Clint Barton and Kate Bishop's lives.

This short footage sets Fisk in front of the Tracksuit Mafia as they formulate a plan to take out the show's headlining master archers once and for all. He even comes in wielding the comic-accurate cane that eluded him in three seasons of Daredevil, and with him donning a purple pair of slacks on top of that, Marvel Studios looks ready to give the fandom the best iteration of Kingpin possible.

Now, the wait continues to see what exactly this massive villain will be up to in Hawkeye's sixth episode, particularly with his connections to Eleanor Bishop and Jack Duquesne. No matter what happens, Clint, Kate, and Yelena will have their hands more than full as they attempt to hold off the Kingpin's inevitable dominance for a little while longer.

Episode 6 of Hawkeye will premiere on Disney+ on December 22, 2021.

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