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Hawkeye Director Dodges Question About Wilson Fisk's Kingpin

Hawkeye, Kingpin, Kate Bishop
By Richard Nebens

Marvel Studios' Hawkeye is currently halfway through its first season on Disney+, and it's already setting up stories that have fans on the edge of their seats. Of course, this is primarily focused on the adventures of Clint Barton and Kate Bishop, although teases were also laid out in Episode 3 for a potential appearance for Vincent D'Onofrio's Wilson Fisk.

Even for a show that ended over three years ago, the Netflix-housed Daredevil series is still at the center of discussions amongst MCU fans, particularly with the chances that the hero will make his official MCU debut. Rumors have pointed to Matt Murdock being Peter Parker's Lawyer in Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige recently confirmed that should the hero of Hell's Kitchen return, he'll be played once again by Charlie Cox.

On the Kingpin front, Episode 3 of Hawkeye may have given fans a first look at D'Onofrio in his transition as Kingpin from the Netflix universe into the canon Marvel Studios story. However, it appears that nobody from the Hawkeye crew will be revealing anything on this matter before it comes to fruition.

Hawkeye Directors Mum on Kingpin Arrival

Hawkeye, Daredevil, Kingpin

Speaking with TVLine, Hawkeye directing duo Bert and Bertie explored what drives Alaqua Cox's Maya Lopez after her full debut in Episode 3 on Disney+ and what her lineage could mean going forward.

Following the reveal that Lopez's father was murdered by someone wearing the Ronin suit, her story immediately became focused on revenge. It's this revenge that has motivated her for her entire life:

“It all became about revenge for her father’s death. She spent her life driven by that moment when she loses him.”

Although Lopez is working on her own in Hawkeye and leading the Tracksuit Mafia, she's most well-known for her status as Wilson Fisk's adopted daughter in the comics. Following the tease from Episode 3 of her "uncle" being Fisk, the directors blatantly dodged the question of where her allegiances lie in relation to Kingpin:

“Watching the show, you’ll probably find out."

As for matters they would speak on, the pair gave a tease about Lopez's relationship with Fra Fee's Kazi moving forward. While Echo acts more impulsively, Kazi is more of a "level-headed" personality, which makes for an exciting relationship between the two characters moving forward.

"The version of Maya we’ve seen has been born of losing her father, and she reacts to things very emotionally and very in the moment, whereas Kazi is a passionate, more level-headed character. Fra [Fee] and Alaqua’s dynamic throughout the show is dynamite, so you’re going to see much more from there. There’s a great Tracksuit story."

Kingpin Still In the Wings for Hawkeye

Ever since rumors first teased Kingpin's reimagining in the Hawkeye Disney+ series last summer, fans have fantasized endlessly about what his supervillain could do in the same universe as Earth's Mightiest Heroes. It appears that Bert and Bertie know all too well how popular these rumors are, meaning they're using the classic "don't say a word" technique that Marvel personnel so heavily apply to these situations.

As for characters confirmed to be in the show, they tease more big things for Alaqua Cox's Echo as she continues down her path for revenge against whom she believes to be Clit Barton. Particularly, her dynamic with Fra Fee's Kazi will be something to pay close attention to as their personalities mesh to help them move towards their undisclosed goals.

Clearly, Marvel Studios has a great deal of deep storytelling to explore over the next three weeks with possible Kingpin adventures and Echo's potential evolution into a superhero before her own solo series. The plot moving forward is shrouded in mystery, and even with new footage from a recent TV spot, fans are waiting eagerly to find out what's truly ahead for the MCU.

The first three episodes of Hawkeye are available to stream on Disney+. Episode 4 will arrive on Wednesday, December 8.