Hawkeye Reportedly Deleted This Kingpin Post-Credits Scene

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The series finale of Marvel Studios' Hawkeye is now on Disney+, and it's already hitting the bullseye! The episode saw, among other things, the full reintroduction of Vincent D'Onofrio's Wilson Fisk aka, Kingpin, to the small screen. The final installment also wrapped up Clint Barton and Kate Bishop's stories in a satisfying fashion, whilst leaving the door open for further stories with these characters.

But back to Kingpin. There was a boatload of hype surrounding his appearance in the episode, especially after being teased for an inclusion all season long. When he was seen on a phone screen at the end of Episode 5 as Kate found out that her mom was working for the big guy, well, that's when things got more serious for the would-be superhero.

Warning - Spoilers for Hawkeye Episode 6 follow.

Fisk's final scene in Hawkeye was a tense encounter with Maya Lopez, a woman whom he had come to look upon as a daughter. As far as fans know, she shot him.

Now, there's word that there was originally a bit more for in store for Fisk before the series' end.

Clint Barton Sends The Kingpin A Christmas Present?

Hawkeye, Kingpin

According to The Cosmic Circus, there was a post-credits scene filmed for Hawkeye that ended up getting cut from the episode.

The deleted scene in question would have featured Fisk receiving a special message from Clint: To stay away from his family. Barton would have conveyed this warning by sending Kingpin the Ronin sword that ended up causing so much trouble during the duration of the season.

Fisk Would Be Wise To Heed The Avenger's Warning

It is indeed a shame that this scene ended up on the cutting room floor. After all, more scenes with D'Onofio's Wilson Fisk are never a bad thing.

Still, perhaps the footage could be utilized elsewhere. This is very likely far from the last that MCU fans have seen from the Kingpin.

He's bound to show up in Marvel Studios' upcoming Maya Lopez solo series, Echogiven Fisk's deep connection to the character as her adoptive father in the comics. Maybe that series could used as a part of that series' story. Although, that seems a tad unlikely, given this deleted sequence probably isn't particularly relevant to whatever is in store for Echo.

The entire season of Marvel Studios' Hawkeye is now streaming only on Disney+.

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