Thor: Love and Thunder Full Cast & Characters | Complete List

Here are all 23 Marvel Characters (and the actor who plays them) that appear in Thor: Love and Thunder!

By Matt Roembke -

Superhero Alias:
Taika Waititi
Super strength
Durability due to rock-like appearance
First Appearance:
Thor: Ragnarok (2017)
Every Appearance:
Thor: Ragnarok
Avengers: Endgame
Thor: Love and Thunder
Next Appearance:

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Thor: Love and Thunder: 7 Sequels & Spin-offs That Could Be Teased In the MCU Sequel

Thor: Love and Thunder is one of the few Phase 4 projects to be led by an original Avenger, as the God of Thunder returns, The Direct breaks down the future sequels and spin-offs that could be teased.

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Wolverine Star Hugh Jackman Reacts To Ryan Reynolds' Latest Deadpool Promo

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