Thor 4 Reveals First Footage of Natalie Portman Without Powers

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Marvel Studios will soon release Thor: Love and Thunder, the fourth Thor solo movie in MCU history. Amongst a star-studded cast of characters will be Natalie Portman's Jane Foster, who returns for as the MCU's version of the Mighty Thor following her brief stint in 2019's Avengers: Endgame.

The sequel is set to adapt Jane's story from Marvel Comics, in which Thor's longtime love interest is stricken with cancer before she becomes worthy of wielding the mighty hammer, Mjolnir. While Thor 4 is sure to show just how much Jane struggles physically and emotionally with this challenge, she'll be able to hide it to some degree while she uses Mjolnir and suits up as a superhero.

Throughout the promo material that fans have seen thus far, Portman has only been seen in her Thor costume, although she certainly shines in this outfit with the Asgardian armor and cape as she flies into action.

As the sequel inches closer to its release date in July, Marvel has now taken the opportunity to show just a small tease of how Portman will look simply the everyday version of Jane.

Thor Promo Highlights Portman's Jane Foster

Twitter user @lovethundernews shared a 22-second promotional Tik Tok video for Marvel Studios' Thor: Love and Thunder, which featured new looks at five of the movie's biggest characters.

Chris Hemsworth's Thor is seen in another workout session as the phrase "THE God of Thunder" flashes in front of him. Hemsworth is in his Bro Thor form, working his way "from dad bod to God bod" as he works out to regain his muscular build.

Thor, Thor 4
Marvel Studios

Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie sits in some kind of bar groaning with a blue umbrella behind her ear. The phrase "King of New Asgard" flashes in front of her as she dons her new black Asgardian armor.

Valkyrie, Thor 4
Marvel Studios

Natalie Portman's Jane Foster comes into frame, although she's not wearing the Thor armor as she has in every piece of promotional material thus far. This shot has her messing around with a piece of paper and holding her hand up for a high-five with someone as "The Mighty Thor" appears in front of her.

Natalie Portman, Thor 4
Marvel Studios

Taika Waititi's Korg brings his usual brand of comedy as he gets shot directly in the face, making him fall flat on his back. He then puts his thumb up as the screen flashes "Still a rock guy."

Korg, Thor 4
Marvel Studios

The promo ends with Hemsworth in his Ravager Thor costume, exclaiming "What a classic Thor adventure, hurrah!" to somebody in front of him.

Thor, Thor 4
Marvel Studios

The full video can be seen below:

Another recent Thor: Love and Thunder TikTok video offered new promotional shots of Chris Hemsworth:


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Two Sides to the Jane Foster Story

Jane Foster's journey will hit its most complicated roadblock to date in Thor: Love and Thunder as Natalie Portman delivers more character development than in any of her past MCU appearances. This is highlighted by two different sides of one character - one that's dealing with a life-threatening disease and another that boasts the powers and strength of the God of Thunder.

While some of Portman's material will come in flashback form showing Jane's breakup with Thor, it's still a mystery how exactly fans will see her deal with the real-life stuff in terms of her cancer diagnosis. This new footage confirms that it will unquestionably be a part of her story, even as she smiles and jokes around with her friends, fighting through pain and learning about how to be a hero.

On top of Jane, the rest of this promo's clips show just how much fun Thor: Love and Thunder will be thanks to some hilarious shots of big Thor and muscular Thor along with Korg taking a beating. Even though there are still plenty of questions regarding how this story will pull together as a whole, there's no shortage of excitement as the cosmic side of the MCU expands to new heights.

Thor: Love and Thunder will debut in theaters on July 8.

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