Thor 4 Leak Shows Off Chris Hemsworth's New Ravager Costume (Photo)

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Thor Chris Hemsworth Ravager Love and Thunder

Following Marvel Studios' efforts on next month's Doctor Strange 2, the attention will turn to Chris Hemsworth's Thor: Love and Thunder ahead of its July 8 release in theaters. Although there is still no trailer in sight for Thor 4 three months ahead of its debut, fans have gotten a small taste of what's coming for the God of Thunder, much of it being in the costume department.

Most recently, fans have gotten a look at the exciting new blue and yellow colors adding to the classic version of Thor's Asgarian threads, giving Love and Thunder a visual boost as it comes to the big screen. Additionally, Natalie Portman's Jane Foster shone in a different leak as she suits up in her first action as the Mighty Thor, complete with a suit reminiscent of her co-star.

As exciting as these new costumes are for Thor 4's titular heroes, the duo will go through a few different looks thanks to the different characters and worlds they will see during this new solo adventure. Recently, one of Hemsworth's other previously teased outfits leaked on the internet, showing a more casual look for the Asgardian warrior.

Ravager Costume Shines in Thor 4 Leak

A newly leaked promo art image showed the first look at Ravager Thor from Marvel Studios' Thor: Love and Thunder, which debuts on July 8.

While Chris Hemsworth boasts his classic long hair and full beard, he's wearing a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt with what appears to be Yggdrasil on it. The look comes complete with a bright red sleeveless vest, allowing Hemsworth to show off his bulked-up physique as he wields the mighty Stormbreaker axe.

Ravager Thor Concept Art
Marvel Studios

Additionally, images leaked showing off the Marvel Legends figurine depicting this version of Thor from the movie, showing off his black boots on the bottom along with a replica of Stormbreaker.

Ravager Thor Marvel Legends Figure
Marvel Legends

Also seen in the packaging is what looks like one of Korg's arms, although it's detached from the rest of his body. This figure could be built from pieces that come with other figurines from the movie, although that's unconfirmed for the time being.

Ravager Thor Marvel Legends Figure
Marvel Legends

Although this is the first time fans have seen these particular images, the outfit was also seen in an image taken from the set of Thor: Love and Thunder. Hemsworth shared an image of himself wearing this exact outfit, only without the vest, as he stood next to Waititi; this photo celebrated the final day of principal photography on the film.

Thor 4 Love and Thunder Chris Hemsworth Muscles


Thor's Wardrobe Expanding in Next MCU Movie

While Thor's new classic outfit will certainly see its time in the spotlight, the hero in a Ravager-inspired ensemble should be just as exciting to see as well. There's even a chance that he will spend a good portion of the runtime donning the jeans and tank-top style before his Asgardian costume comes into play.

Important to remember is that Thor was last seen in the MCU traveling on the Benetar with the Guardians after Avengers: Endgame, which could be the inspiration for how he looks in this figurine. The hunt for Gamora in the time between these films could also inspire the team's change in costuming, along with their ties to the Ravagers after Yondu's death in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

These photos also tease a potential interaction between Korg and the Guardians of the Galaxy, which will partially depend on how much screen time the intergalactic misfits actually get in Thor's fourth movie. As the titular hero will likely spend his time traveling back and forth between Earth's New Asgard and other parts of the galaxy, Thor will see plenty of time alongside multiple supporting players.

Regardless of how it works into the plot, the Ravager Thor look will be something to watch out for as the original Avenger takes on his first Phase 4 adventure.

Thor: Love and Thunder will debut in theaters on July 8.

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