Thor 4 Merch Features Chris Hemsworth's New Helmet & Costume (Photo)

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Thor Love and Thunder new suit

Marvel Studios is set to come in with a thunderous summer thanks to Chris Hemsworth's Thor: Love and Thunder, the fourth solo movie for the God of Thunder. Thor is in for possibly his wildest solo journey to date, taking on new challenges and adversaries after Hela in Thor: Ragnarok and Thanos in both Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

Love and Thunder will allow director Taika Waititi to make a movie that takes on a new level of insanity after bringing his style of comedy and action to Ragnarok in 2017. This will come with some of the most over-the-top adventures in any MCU solo movie to date, which also includes equally exciting new costumes for multiple main cast members.

Hemsworth's Thor is front and center in that regard as well, with promo images already teasing his latest new set of threads that he will don in just a few months' time on the big screen. Now, that costume is coming to the forefront once again thanks to a super-early Christmas decoration that found its way online.

Hemsworth's Wild New Thor Costume Shines in Merch

Hallmark, via Twitter user @common_writer, shared an image of a Christmas ornament featuring Chris Hemsworth's Thor from 2022's Thor: Love and Thunder.

The entire costume boasts a bright blue base as part of the color scheme, with yellow accents shining throughout the suits - including a full yellow hue on Thor's sleeve. The ornament also comes with Thor wielding Stormbreaker in his left hand and a mostly golden-colored helmet atop his head.

Thor 4 Christmas Ornament

This costume looks identical to the one shown in a leaked image featuring Phase 4's heroes, which first came to light in January 2022.

Thor new costume


Thor's New Threads Bringing the Thunder

Thor's new costume is one of the only parts of Thor: Love and Thunder that fans have seen thus far, but it's one that has them thrilled and hyped to see more.

Across his last couple of movies, Thor's costumes have gotten progressively more exciting visually thanks to the darker sleeves and upgraded designs to add to his character development. While most of his threads have largely featured the same common look and color scheme, Thor 4 will take the visuals to an entirely new level with the blue-and-yellow base.

It's still a mystery how Thor will find himself with this new costume, especially considering that he was last seen with the Guardians of the Galaxy in Endgame donning sweats and a hoodie.

Those details will be something fans will keep a sharp eye out for as Love and Thunder's promotional tour inches closer to its long-awaited start date. Fans will also look to see if Marvel provides a shot of this suit in action during the highly-anticipated first trailer, although it's still a mystery when that will make its way into the public.

Thor: Love and Thunder is set to arrive in theaters on July 8, 2022.

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