Marvel's Thor 4: Evidence Suggests Smaller Roles For Guardians of the Galaxy Members

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Insiders have described Thor: Love and Thunder as having “an Avengers 5 feel,” which has led fans to believe that the Guardians of the Galaxy may have a more significant role than expected, especially after all the actors for the Guardians arrived in Australia for filming and James Gunn having consulted with Taika Waititi on the script .

Although filming for Thor: Love and Thunder only officially began two weeks ago , it already seems like two actors have wrapped. This suggests either that these two characters won't have too much screen time, or it could be more indicative of the Guardians' prominence as a team.


According to Instagram stories from Pom Klementieff and Karen Gillan , both actresses have finished filming for Thor: Love and Thunder .

Pom Klementieff Instagram Thor Wrapped

Klementieff posted a picture of herself arriving at Abu Dhabi airport for Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible sequels.

Karen Gillan Thor Wrapped Instagram

Gillan posted a photo of herself commenting on her nails, “New city new nails,” continuing with, “Goodbye Australia, it was an absolute pleasure.”


To be clear, it is doubtful that either Pom Klementieff or Karen Gillan will return to Australia, despite leaving the shoot so early. Not only is Klementieff filming two back-to-back Mission Impossible films, but there's the issue of the mandatory two-week quarantine implemented by the Australian government.

Meaning that any pick-ups that typically happen with Marvel Studios productions will definitely have these two actors do it remotely. Both actresses' departures point to Mantis and Nebula having minimal roles in Thor: Love and Thunder , at least in comparison to the rest of the Guardians like Chris Pratt's Star-Lord .

It wouldn't be surprising if these two, especially Nebula, continued their search for the time-displaced Gamora as was implied in Avengers: Endgame when Thor joined their crew.

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