Thor 4 Selfie Shows Chris Hemsworth & Chris Pratt In New Marvel Costumes

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Avengers: Endgame wrapped a beautiful bow on the three-phase Infinity Saga, but also set up dozens of characters with storylines moving forward.

While most of the undusted heroes elected to continue their stories on Earth, the Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor prepared to take the Benatar back to space, presumably to search for the out-of-time Gamora. While that storyline will likely play out in 2023's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Star-Lord and his merry band of space scoundrels will first join the God of Thunder in his fourth flick next year.


Space's two-man power trip is back together once again.

Taking to his Instagram, Thor: Love and Thunder star Chris Hemsworth shared a behind-the-scenes photo alongside Chris Pratt's Star-Lord, complete with their updated costumes for 2022's space adventure.


Hemsworth's caption wishes a happy birthday to former co-star Chris Evans, playing off the long-running joke of how many Chrises there are in the MCU.

"Happy 40th birthday Chris Evans, you’ll always be number 1 in my book."


Hemsworth and Pratt seem to be getting along just fine off-set, but it remains to be seen if Peter Quill and Thor Odinson reached a settlement on who's leading the Asguardians of the Galaxy. Then again, Hemsworth's caption throws a playful jab at Pratt, so the tension between the duo likely hasn't gone anywhere.

How about those costumes though?

Thor's tank top appears to be the same one he dons in Taika Waititi's previously behind-the-scenes post, which points to this attire being his primary costume throughout Love and Thunder. Other set pictures showcase the God of Thunder in 1980s-esque workout gear, further indicating the old-school vibe of this still-unknown storyline. Perhaps the worthy one is going through a rock-n-roll mid-life crisis? 

As for Star-Lord's new threads, the space pirate's costume looks like nothing more than an updated version of the familiar Ravager leather. It could just be great lighting, but Quill's jacket looks to be a brighter shade of maroon, which aligns with the vibrancy of Taika Waititi MCU flicks. The only notable change is the necklace, as it is different from the one he wears in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Two-thirds of the MCU's Chris trinity will join forces when Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on February 11, 2022.

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