New Thor 4 Promo Image Shows Korg With Facial Hair

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Korg mustache Thor Love and Thunder

Chris Hemsworth's Thor has had among the toughest MCU journeys, not just in terms of the trials, tribulations, and losses he has faced on-screen, but also in terms of behind-the-scenes struggles. After two moderately to horrifically received Shakespearean Thor tales under Kenneth Branagh and Alan Taylor, Taika Waititi took the helm for Ragnarok and brought with him a unique sense of style, flair, and humor. 

As part of that transformation, fans were introduced to the Kronan rock monster Korg - who was voiced by Taika Waititi himself - and the insect-like warrior Miek. From meeting in a Sakaarian cell to fighting for Asgard, the duo quickly became good friends with Thor, and even appeared to be keeping him company in New Asgard during the Blip.

With Waititi returning to helm a fourth Thor solo outing, Love and Thunder, there was never any doubt that Korg and Miek would be back, and new art has showcased a surprising design update for the giant rock warrior.

Korg Grows a Mustache for Thor 4

Advanced Graphics posted a store listing for a life-size cardboard cutout of Taika Waititi's Korg in Thor: Love and Thunder. The fan-favorite rock creature can be seen holding a mace and sporting some notable style changes, the most notable of which is a mustache.

Thor Love and Thunder Korg Standee
Advanced Graphics

While harder to notice due to the distance, Korg can also be seen with facial hair in the Love and Thunder trailer.

Thor Love and Thunder Trailer Korg
Entertainment Weekly

Hasbro's line of Thor: Love and Thunder Marvel Legends figures each came with a part of a buildable Korg. An image of this figure once again shows Korg's mustache being made of rock.

Thor Love and Thunder Korg Build a Figure

Chris Hemsworth's Thor also received two standees of his own, one of which shows off Stormbreaker and a rock-and-roll-esque outfit.

Thor Love and Thunder Thor Standee
Advanced Graphics

The God of Thunder's second cardboard cutout once again features Stormbreaker, this time with a brand-new colorful set of armor.

Thor Love and Thunder Thor Standee
Advanced Graphics

The last features Jane Foster's Mighty Thor in action with the rebuilt Mjolnir.

Thor Love and Thunder Mighty Thor Standee
Advanced Graphics

What's Next for Korg in Thor 4?

Korg's new outfit looks to be one of far more grandeur than anything he has been seen to wear before. Perhaps in the time Thor has spent traveling the cosmos, the newly-crowned King Valkyrie has offered Korg more responsibility in New Asgard, something which a stylish mustache would match rather nicely.

Upon Korg's MCU debut in Ragnarok, the Taika Waititi-voiced Kronan warrior until quite far into the film when he met Thor in a Sakaarian cell. With the two now established as close friends who probably spent much of the five-year Blip together in New Asgard, Korg turns out to be in for a bigger role this time around.

Granted, when the movie opens, Thor will probably be off exploring space with the Guardians of the Galaxy, just as the final moments of Avengers: Endgame teased. But he ought to be back at New Asgard to reunite with Korg, Miek, and Valkyrie rather quickly to set the stage for their latest adventure. 

Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on July 8.

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