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A previous report revealed that Marvel Studios mandated Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi to keep the movie's runtime under two hours, indicating that many scenes were cut in order to fulfill the studio's request. 

Amid the ongoing theatrical run of the Chris Hemsworth-led movie, a good chunk of the deleted scenes emerged online. For example, Jeff Goldblum's scrapped appearance as the Grandmaster was revealed via official concept art while a disturbing deleted scene involving the Asgardian children and Christian Bale's Gorr was also released.  

Now, ahead of its Disney+ premiere, a brand-new deleted scene centered around a character tied to Russell Crowe's Zeus has been revealed. 

Marvel Reveals Thor 4's Omnipotent City Deleted Scene

IGN officially revealed a deleted scene from Thor: Love and Thunder, showcasing an extended look at Simon Russell Beale's role as the Greek god of fertility Dionysus inside Omnipotence City. 

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Marvel Studios

The Penny Dreadful and The Legend of Tarzan actor encountered Team Thor as they arrive in Omnipotence City. 

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Marvel Studios

Chris Hemsworth's Thor and Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie asked Dionysus about the whereabouts of Zeus, to which the Greek God promptly answered while also proudly telling them that he is the God's youngest son. 

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Marvel Studios

In the theatrical cut, Dionysus still appeared as a background character during the movie's Omnipotence City sequence. 

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Marvel Studios

The deleted scene can be seen below: 

Did Marvel Waste Simon Russell Beale's Talents?

Sir Simon Russell Beale has an extensive resume and impressive career, and many would agree that it's quite unfortunate that Marvel Studios didn't fully maximize the veteran actor's talents on-screen. 

Although Beale did appear in the movie's original cut, the actor's role was relatively minor and didn't affect its overall story. Still, this deleted scene managed to showcase Beale's comedic acting chops even for a brief moment, giving fans a taste of what could've been. 

Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi previously noted that the actors involved in the deleted scenes know how the process works when it comes to sequences being cut, using the likes of Jeff Goldblum and Lena Headey as examples.

At this stage, it is unknown if Beale's Dionysus will appear in a future MCU project, but the Hercules reveal during Thor 4's post-credits scene could hint that more of Zeus and the Omnipotent City will be featured down the line. That said, it's possible that Dionysus could have a major role in Thor 5 or a Hercules-centered project. 

Thor: Love and Thunder is set to premiere on Disney+ on Thursday, September 8. 

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