New Thor: Ragnarok Close-up Gladiator Designs Revealed By Marvel Concept Artist

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Marvel Studios Director of Visual Development Shares New Look At Thor: Ragnarok Character Designs

As a result of production shutdowns and standstills, new information for upcoming films and television series has been limited. Concept art is often used to give an indication of what audiences can expect from a property before proper trailers are ready, which was recently done so for Thor: Love and Thunder. Many concept artists have taken this opportunity, however, to share previously unseen concept art that influenced the look of various MCU films.

One of these artists is the Director of Visual Development at Marvel Studios, Andy Park, who has designed many of the costume and character designs, including Black Widow's primary outfit in her upcoming solo film. Park has shared a variety of other artwork too, depicting unused designs for Mantis and early explorations of Quicksilver for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Park has now posted a new piece of concept art, providing a better look at character designs made for Thor: Ragnarok...


Andy Park has shared a new piece of concept art from Thor: Ragnarok, showing a line up Thor, Hulk, Korg and Miek amongst a line up of other gladiators from The Grandmaster's tournament. The lineup is an amalgamation of characters approved by director Taika Waititi for the film, designed by various concept artists.


Many of these characters were only seen in the backgrounds of scenes or were obscured, such as during Korg's introductory scene, the uprising during the final battle or at the end of the film on the Asgardian ship. Therefore, this concept art gives our first proper view of many of these characters in full. This artwork shows a wide range of wacky alien races present in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which are wholly original to the film.

There are also some slight differences from these designs compared to their film counterparts. Korg is noticeably taller and leaner in comparison to his appearance in the film. Miek also has some slight color variance, with her armor appearing more saturated in the film and her skin color being changed from blue to a more pinkish-purple tone. 

As some of these characters made it to the Asgardian ship at the end, there is always the possibility of these designs being used again upon a return to New Asgard in Thor: Love and Thunder. Ultimately, we'll have to wait to see whether these characters make the cut when Thor: Love and Thunder rolls around in 2022.

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