Wolverine Star Hugh Jackman Reacts To Ryan Reynolds' Latest Deadpool Promo

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Wolverine Deadpool Ryan Reynolds Hugh Jackman

Since 20th Century Fox merged with Disney in spring 2019, many questions about Marvel Studios' newly-acquired characters have risen. When will the mutants debut? Who is being cast in the latest Fantastic Four reboot? Aside from those big picture inquiries, one concern has taken precedence above the rest.

What is happening with Deadpool?

Ryan Reynolds' iconic take on the Merc with a Mouth had fans begging for Marvel Studios to continue his two-film franchise within their cinematic universe. Fortunately, Deadpool 3 is indeed happening at Marvel Studios, and it will reportedly retain its R-Rating.

Fans got their first taste of Deadpool in the MCU earlier this week when Reynolds dropped a tongue-in-cheek trailer reaction for his upcoming movie, Free Guy, alongside Taika Waititi's Korg.

The video has taken the internet by storm and has the attention of a certain metal-clawed mutant.


Deadpool Wolverine Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman is a big Deadpool fan.

Jackman replied to Ryan Reynolds' Instagram post of the recent Deadpool and Korg trailer reaction, jokingly noting he was surprised to not hear his name drop in the footage:

"Wow! 4:12 and no mention of me. DP your therapy is working!!!"


Let those "Hugh Jackman in the MCU" rumors begin now.

This is not the first time the Aussie actor has been tied to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Just over a week ago, Jackman garnered attention by posting art of Wolverine's claws to his Instagram Story, followed by a picture alongside Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige.

In reality, these latest comments provide zero suggestion that Jackman will rock the mutton chops once again in the MCU. The Greatest Showman star has been a supporter of Deadpool for years, and his friendship with Ryan Reynolds dates back decades.

Regardless, this support coupled with the recent Instagram stories does rumble those rumors a bit. Considering his age, it's hard to believe Jackman would ever take on one of Marvel's infamous six-picture deals, although the studio has noted it has significantly restructured their film agreements

That said, a brief cameo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness would be fitting. Jackman did just about everything as Wolverine except appear in the MCU. Logan was a fitting conclusion, but if the actor wanted to check that final box off, a quick and inconsequential appearance wouldn't hurt.

The Free Guy trailer reaction from Deadpool and Korg can be seen below:


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