Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool Teases MCU Debut With Korg In Hilarious New Free Guy Promo

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When the Marvel Cinematic Universe was founded, it was done at a time when Marvel didn't have the film rights to a good chunk of its characters. Much like Sony owning Spider-Man and many of Peter Parker's associated characters, there were other studios that held important heroes and franchises out of Marvel's reach.

20th Century Fox exclusively held the film rights characters such as the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and even pop culture hit Deadpool. This kept all the aforementioned franchises out of the MCU, that is, until Fox got bought out by Disney. Marvel's roster of characters became much more complete thanks to the merger.

While the mutants in general are a ways from being seen in the MCU, there is one X-Man who may make it there before all the rest: Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool.

Even better, fans don't have to wait any longer to see Deadpool interact with an MCU fan-favorite.


Free Guy promotion

For the first time ever, Deadpool has directly interacted with someone from the MCU, but not exactly in the way fans would expect.

In a promotional video for Ryan Reynolds' upcoming film, Free Guy, both Deadpool and Korg riff of each other as they do a parody reaction video to the film's trailer.

The full video can be seen below:



It would seem that Ryan Reynolds is just as anxious to get into the MCU as much as the fans are to see him there.

It's really neat that the two actors were allowed to do this in the first place, and it offers a fun glimpse into a dynamic that could be explored further in the future. While the situation is different, it does remind of the old Super Bowl commercial where Ant-Man interacted with the Hulk long before he did in any of the films.

There's been plenty of whisperings of the next entry in the Deadpool franchise under the Marvel Studios banner. No details are currently known, or even really rumored yet, but fans can rest assured that the film is indeed happening.

How it all is going to go down is probably a question that keeps many fans awake at night. Will his first two film installments remain canon? Will he bring all of his fellow cast mates with him? Only time will tell.

Simply put, Ryan Reynolds' time in the MCU can't start soon enough.

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