Ryan Reynolds Can't Fit Into His Deadpool Costume In Hilarious New Promo For Free Guy

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Disney announcing its acquisition of 21st Century Fox was a big deal. For many, it was distressing, but for others, it was an exciting time to be alive. Why? Well, Marvel Studios got hundreds upon hundreds of characters back into its hands.

The first that comes to mind is Marvel's First Family, aka the Fantastic Four, a group whose film has already been announced. Then, of course, there's the X-Men and all the mutants which come with them. Previously completely inaccessible, all of these characters and worlds could now be a part of the wider MCU.

Most of these characters will be going through a massive reboot and reimagining when they hit the screen under the Marvel Studios banner. But there is one particular mutant who will likely live on in his original form: Deadpool. He is a character that may quite literally be Ryan Reynold's heart and soul and whose threequel is reportedly already in the works.

Ryan Reynolds' movie Free Guy has been promoted for around two years now thanks to the pandemic, but the actor has found new ways to spread the word. One of those methods involves bringing in Deadpool with the jokes. In fact, his previous video as the character included a reaction video with none other than Korg.

Now, the Deadpool jokes are back—at Ryan Reynold's expense.



In a promotional video for his upcoming film Free Guy, Ryan Reynolds shared a hilarious video showcasing how much muscle he has acquired—which, in turn, means he can no longer fit into the Deadpool costume.

The video can be seen below:



Not only is Deadpool Ryan Reynolds' favorite thing in his life, but it's also a fan favorite, so using the character to promote an entirely separate film is basically a win. Especially with it having been so long since audiences have seen the character on screen, any new screen time that costume has is all but guaranteed views.

While it's all but confirmed that Deadpool will be back in the MCU sooner rather than later, no concrete news on the film has been released. The closest fans have gotten to an official announcement was a tease from Ryan Reynolds. Marvel Studios isn't stupid, though, and it is likely aware of how badly the world wants to see everyone's favorite red fourth-wall-breaking mercenary.

Though, when he does get into the MCU, it looks like he'll have some competition when it comes to breaking said fourth wall. From who? Well, Jennifer Walter, aka She-Hulk, of course. The extent to which the character will do so in her own show is unknown, as is the manner in which She-Hulk will address the audience. 

One thing is for sure: Ryan Reynolds will stop at nothing to keep Deadpool in everyone's mind. 

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