Deadpool 3: Hugh Jackman Reacts to Wolverine Fan Theories

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Deadpool 3, Wolverine

The MCU is slowly on its way to bringing the X-Men into the overarching story, which could officially start with Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool 3. Although there isn't much known yet about this highly-anticipated threequel, it comes with some exciting rumors and fan theories regarding Hugh Jackman making a glorious return as Wolverine.

Jackman seemingly retired from his role as James Howlett after 2017's Logan, finishing an incredible 17-year run under the 20th Century Fox banner before Disney took over the character's rights. While some rumors have hinted that the adamantium-adorned mutant may be on his way into the MCU sooner rather than later, Wolverine is still likely some time away from making his Marvel Studios debut.

Deadpool 3 could be a golden opportunity for Jackman to at least make one run as Wolverine in the MCU - the Australian actor has even joked about the idea since Deadpool 3 officially went into development. More recently, with rumors picking up about Jackman's comeback, the actor has gone on social media to share his own reaction to what he's heard in the news.

Hugh Jackman Reacts to Deadpool 3 Theories

Deadpool, Wolverine

Wolverine star Hugh Jackman took to Twitter to clarify his position on the rumors about him reprising his long-time Mutant role in Marvel Studios' Deadpool 3.

On June 27, Jackman shared a photo of himself looking at his phone with a shocked reaction on his face:

Hugh Jackman Deadpool 3

Marvel fans were quick to theorize that Jackman's shocked reaction was in response to a Wolverine return in Deadpool 3.

In his most recent post, he shared another image of him standing at home, seemingly ready to see what exactly was going on with the rumor mill this time around.

"Let’s see what rumor the look on my face starts today …"

Hugh Jackman

Will Jackman Return as Wolverine?

Although Hugh Jackman seemed definitively done playing Wolverine after 2017's Logan, the rumor mill hasn't stopped churning since he moved on from 20th Century Fox. This has especially been the case with his potential ties to Deadpool 3, with fans desperate to see Logan and Deadpool team up for a meaningful story in some form, whether it be a cameo or another full role.

Jackman has openly admitted that he would have loved to continue playing Wolverine had Marvel Studios acquired the X-Men sooner, but he also hasn't backed away from talking about the role completely since leaving. While this could simply be a way to drum up some chatter about Deadpool 3, he may be using this as a way to tease the chances that he'll actually come back.

Deadpool 3 is already set to be a monumental outing in the MCU, throwing Wade Wilson directly into the franchise and seeing how reacts to his new surroundings. Whether Jackman is a part of that is still a mystery, but the idea of him and Reynolds teaming up with Marvel Studios is simply too good to dismiss completely.

Deadpool 3 is currently in the early stages of development under Marvel Studios, but there is no known release timeframe yet.

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