Spider-Man: Beyond The Spider-Verse (2024)

Sony Reveals the Plan for Next 3 Spider-Man Movies

A major surprise was just unveiled by Chris Miller and Amy Pascal about the future of Spider-Man movies.

By David Thompson -

Release Date:
March 29, 2024
How To Watch:
Joaquim Dos Santos
Kemp Powers
Justin K. Thompson
Shameik Moore as Spider-Man / Miles Morales
Jake Johnson as Spider-Man / Peter B. Parker
Hailee Steinfeld as Spider-Woman / Gwen Stacy
Oscar Isaac as Spider-Man 2099 / Miguel O'Hara
Issa Rae as Spider-Woman / Jessica Drew
Jason Schwartzman as Spot / Johnathon Ohnn
Brian Tyree Henry as Jefferson Morales
Luna Lauren Velez as Rio Morales
Karan Soni as Pavitr Prabhakar / Spider-Man India
Daniel Kaluuya as Hobie Brown / Spider-Punk
Mahershala Ali as Aaron Davis / The Prowler
Andy Samberg as Ben Reilly / Scarlet Spider
Amandla Stenberg as Margo Kess / Spider-Byte
Jharrel Jerome as Miles G. Morales / Prowler
Phil Lord
Christopher Miller
Dave Callaham
Music / Composer:
Daniel Pemberton
Avi Arad
Amy Pascal
Phil Lord
Christopher Miller
Christina Steinberg
Previous Movie:
Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
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Sony Announces 3 Spider-Man Spin-off Movies Releasing In 2024

Sony Pictures' Spider-Man spin-off universe will add three new installments next year.

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Spider-Verse 3 Gets Disappointing Release Date Announcement

As it turns out, Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse may not keep its release date after all.

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Spider-Verse 3 Gets Exciting Release Update from Lead Actor

Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse just got a promising update from one of its leading stars.

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Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse Gets Disappointing Release Update

Across the Spider-Verse might not get a resolution for a long while.

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Spider-Verse 2 Includes a Gwen Stacy Variant You Probably Missed (Photos)

Across the Spider-Verse contained a Gwen Stacy Variant alot of people probably missed.

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Spider-Verse 2 Actor Speaks on Spider-Punk Spin-off Possibility

Daniel Kaluuya has commented on a Spider-Punk spin-off. What did the Spider-Verse star have to say?

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Spider-Verse Failed Peni Parker In the First Movie

Peni Parker was adapted poorly in Into the Spider-Verse, but it appears she's on a path to improvement in the sequels.

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Spider-Verse 3 Actor Teases the Next Movie's Big Villain

What will Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse hold on the villain front?

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Spider-Verse 3 Producer Spoils 1 New Universe In Sequel

One new universe for Beyond the Spider-Verse just got spoiled.

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Spider-Verse 3 Director Teases Prowler's Big Role In Next Movie

Across the Spider-Verse director Kemp Powers said that Miles G. Morales' Prowler is a very "interesting character."

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Spider-Verse 3 Producer Spoils Major Gwen Stacy Plot Point In Next Movie

What will Gwen Stacy get herself into in Sony's next animated feature, Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse?

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Hailee Steinfeld Shares Surprising Spider-Verse 3 Update

Hailee Steinfeld said what about Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse?

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Will Spider-Verse 4 Happen? Producers Speak on Future of Franchise

Spider-Verse producers Christopher Miller and Phil Lord shared an honest update about a possible fourth installment.

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11 Rejected Designs for Spider-Verse 2's Spider-Punk (Photos)

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Spider-Verse 3 Release Date Makes Marvel Movie History

Here's why Spider-Verse 3's March 2024 premiere makes Marvel history.

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Spider-Verse 3 Producer Debunks Sequel Rumor That Had Fans Excited

What is the team behind Spider-Verse 3 saying about rumors that it will be longer than its predecessor?

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Spider-Verse 2 Soundtrack Released: Listen to All 13 Songs

Spider-Verse 2's soundtrack is filled with incredible songs from a stellar lineup of artists.

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 3 Gets Exciting Update from Producer

The third installment in the trilogy just got a new update from Sony.

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Spider-Verse: Sony Announces Miles Morales' Next Appearance After 2023 Sequel

Sony has revealed Miles Morales's next appearance following Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

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Spider-Verse 3 Main Villain Confirmed by Director

The director of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse has revealed the third film's villain.

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New Spider-Verse 2 Merch Highlights Sequel’s 3 Main Characters

Official new Across the Spider-Verse merchandise highlighted Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, and Spider-Man 2099.

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Tom Holland's Spider-Man 3: Zendaya Teases Marvel Spider-Verse Crossover with Playful Comment

Zendaya was tightlipped about the potential Spiderverse-related plot of the MCU's Spider-Man 3, admitting that she can "neither confirm nor deny" if the rumors are true.

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Spider-Man 3: No Way Home: Promo Video Teases Spider-Verse Plot

A new promo video for Spider-Man: No Way Home includes two glitches that could tease two new realities.

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 3 Title Officially Revealed

Sony announced the proper name for the second part of its upcoming film Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, set for release in 2024.

By Russ Milheim -

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