Spider-Verse 3 Producer Spoils 1 New Universe In Sequel

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Miles Morales, Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse

The producers of Across the Spider-Verse just spoiled one new universe audiences will visit in Spider-Verse 3.

While the events towards the end of the second movie seem to be building directly to the Spider-People's confrontation with The Spot, given the Beyond title of the next installment, odds are viewers aren't done exploring the Spider-Verse just yet.

But what new things could audiences see in the Spider-Verse? Of course, new Spider-People could be waiting around the corner, such as Symbiote Spider-Man or Superior Spider-Man.

But then there's also the nearly endless possible new worlds the story could visit.

One New Universe For Spider-Verse 3 Revealed

Spider-Punk, Spider-Verse

In a new interview with Deadline, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller spoiled a new location fans will see in next year's follow-up movie, Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse.

When asked if fans should expect to see another "stylistic level up" for Spider-Verse 3, Miller noted "that's the hope" while Lord exclaimed "God willing."

Miller then revealed that "visiting Spider-Punk's world" is on the list for the upcoming third movie.

“Yeah, so visiting Spider-Punk’s world is just one of many crazy, mixed-media adventures that we’re gonna have in the next one. And so, it will be a wholly new feast for the eyes.”

Lord went on to explain that Spider-Punk, also known as Hobie Brown, is "one of the most difficult, challenging characters to render in the whole picture:"

“... There's a couple new places that we get to go to that were very difficult for us to do on this movie. And you see them in a couple of characters. An example is Hobie Brown, who’s one of the most difficult, challenging characters to render in the whole picture. Most of his shots didn’t come in until the last month, because he’s rendered to look like a punk zine. And he’s also– the animators can control how often he changes and which parts of his body are rendered which way."

The producer continued, elaborating on how the character was pulled off while also noting how styling an entire world like that "is a challenge we're looking forward to:"

"And then, the lighting artists come in and make it all look like it was done in five seconds using a copy machine with no toner, but they’re actually using all these incredibly sophisticated tools, and shaders to pull that off, and, on top of it, drawing on top of the frame, and doing all these lo-fi things to compliment it. So, to make a whole world or reel in a style like that is a challenge we’re looking forward to.”

More Spider-Punk For Everybody

Many fans would probably pick Hobie Brown as number one when it comes to playing favorites regarding the new faces in Across the Spider-Verse. Not only did he completely steal the show from the moment he came on screen, but his unique animation is also stellar. 

The news that the third movie will take the story to Earth-138, even if it's just briefly, will please many.

Perhaps when audiences visit Hobie's dimension, they'll get the answer to the age-old question: Did Gwen actually hook up with him?

Regarding other possibilities, it seems likely that the final installment of the series will bring some proper live-action sequences.

In fact, according to the director of Acrossthe sequel once had some "huge" live-action segments. So, with that in mind, the natural next step would be to follow through on those ideas with Spider-Verse 3.

Maybe the film will deliver a more meaningful Venom crossover or perhaps spend a few fleeting moments in the MCU itself.

Across the Spider-Verse is now playing in theaters worldwide, while Beyond the Spider-Verse is set to release on March 29, 2024.

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