Marvel's Next Spider-Man Movie: When Is It Coming Out?

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With Marvel's future potentially in chaos, Hollywood strikes delaying several major projects, and constant ownership disagreements over the character, Spider-Man's cinematic future is, as it often seems to be, convoluted.

Currently, there are three different official cinematic Spider-Man franchises (Sony Pictures' live-action movies in Sony's Spider-Man Universe, the animated Spider-Verse movies, and the MCU), not to mention future games, future television shows, and all the past and present iterations of the character.

As such, conversations about Spider-Man's future on the big screen can certainly get confusing, especially within the chaotic context of superhero movies right now.

When Does the Next Spider-Man Movie Come Out?

Technically speaking, fans know of two Spider-Man movies at least somewhat in the works right now — the MCU's Spider-Man 4 and Sony's Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse. Neither project has a release date as of now, but both are promising options for the next addition to the cinematic Spider-Man canon.

Kevin Feige himself confirmed that a fourth Spider-Man movie has been in development, with a story outlined and a script being written. However, work on the sequel halted when the Writer's Guild of America strike hit in the spring. Though the actors' strike that started weeks later is still ongoing, the end of the WGA strike may be good news for Spider-Man 4.

No news about the MCU movie's cast, director, title, or virtually anything else has actually been revealed. As such, the fact that actors remain on strike would not necessarily impact development where it stands now, as it is presumably still in the scriptwriting phase.

Given all of this, it is unsurprising that no release date is known as of now. However, Sony has two dates blocked out for Marvel releases — November 8, 2024 and June 27, 2025. It is very possible that Spider-Man 4 could claim one of those dates, most likely the June 2025 slot.

However, most likely before that June date, fans will be able to see the conclusion to the animated trilogy of Spider-Verse movies, with the coming Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse.

The movie was originally slated for a March 29, 2024 release. However, amid the WGA strike, Sony removed the movie's release date from its 2024 slate, leaving its official premiere date ambiguous for now.

Likely, fans won't learn more about when to expect the third Spider-Verse movie until the SAG-AFTRA strike eventually ends. This movie will probably be more impacted by that strike than the already-ended WGA strike, given that it's further along in development compared to Spider-Man 4.

However, given how soon the release date for Beyond the Spider-Verse originally was, it is still fairly likely that fans can expect to see the movie on the sooner side, likely even before 2025.

Any Chance of Seeing Spider-Man Sooner?

Given the immense secrecy lacing the contract between Sony and Disney over rights to Spider-Man, it is entirely unknown whether it is even legally possible for Spider-Man to appear in another project outside of Spider-Man-centric ones.

Invincible creatives have been teasing a potential crossover with the web-slinger, though it is unclear which version of Spider-Man it would feature.

Furthermore, there seem to always be rumors of some kind that Holland could appear in movies like Fantastic Four, which would make sense given his close relationship with the team (particularly Johnny Storm) in the comics.

Neither Spider-Man 4 nor Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse currently have listed release dates, but fans hope to learn more soon.

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