Did Invincible Season 2 Just Reveal Its Spider-Man Crossover? (Photos)

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Spider-Man Invincible

Invincible's Season 2 trailer might have revealed a future Spider-Man crossover.

After a long wait, Prime Video finally shared the first glimpse at Invincible's Season 2. 

The teaser sees Invincible back in the superhero game, but things don't seem to be going smoothly. From then the looks of it, his relationship with Cecil looks strained at best, Mark and Immortal are throwing fists, supervillains are running amok everywhere, and Omni-Man is back.

Mark also seems extremely worried that he'll end up like his father—which is understandable, given what Omni-Man did in the finale.

A Spider-Man Reference Spotted

A potential Spider-Man tease could be on the way in Invincible Season 2, or at least that is what fans are speculating.

The big tease happened while Mark Grayson, aka Invincible, was eating with Allen the Alien at a diner in the initial teaser for the second batch of episodes.

Looking closely at Mark's phone there's a picture of the cover of a comic featuring both Invincible and Spider-Man. The comic in question is a crossover issue that saw Mark thrown into the world of Marvel Comics, where he accidentally teams up with Spider-Man to fight Doc Ock.

Invincible, Spider-Man
Prime Video

Sure, the placement of his image could be an innocent, meaningless Easter egg. However, there's reason to believe it is something more.

That same scene actually had a younger woman who looked like fellow superhero Atom Eve sitting across from an older fellow in the booth next to Mark's. Turns out, that was intended to reference the Atom Eve special just released on Prime Video.

Invincible, Atom Eve
Prime Video

When the show's Twitter account flaunted that fact, someone was quick to point out the reference to Spider-Man, to which the series claimed to "have no idea what that is."

Some fans even connected former Spidey voice actor Josh Keaton's involvement in Season 2 to his possible return as Spectacular Spider-Man. Though, it is worth noting that Keaton is a very active voice actor, so he could be voicing anyone.

Prime Video

It is worth noting that Sony has signed a TV deal with Amazon to create various Spider-Man related shows for Prime Video. However, there's no telling how this affects a potential Invincible cameo from the webhead, since live action rights are a completely different arena from animation.

Another Multiverse Superhero Tale?

With the Multiverse being all the rage right now, it would make perfect sense for the series to try and cash in on some of the popularity. Though, there's actually already a big precedence set for Invincible to tackle that topic.

One of the character's main villains, Angstrom Levy, has the power to tap into the Multiverse. This same baddie is actually already confirmed to be debuting in Season 2 as the show's main antagonist, and he will be voiced by Sterling K. Brown.

One of the biggest storylines between the two is an event called The Invincible War, which sees Mark notably teaming up with other big names at Image Comics, like Spawn.


While the chances might be slim for Spider-Man to crossover, they aren't nonexistent. There's probably even more leeway for an animated crossover as opposed to a live-action one.

Though, with that said, in March 2021, the show's creator, Robert Kirkman, seemed pretty adamant that "Right now there is not [a chance for crossovers]." Could the situation have changed?

Invincible debuts its first three episodes of Season 2 on November 3.

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