Spectacular Spider-Man Season 3 & Future Plans Revealed by Actor

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Spectacular Spider-Man Peter Parker

Peter Parker voice actor Josh Keaton just revealed what a third season (and more) of Spectacular Spider-Man would've contained if the series was allowed to continue into future stories.

While the fan-favorite show was canceled over a decade ago in 2009, it's lived on ever since for fans who adored it. Thanks to a special appearance in the recently released Across the Spider-Verse, that dedication paid off.

The appearance by the beloved iteration of the webhead brought the canceled show back into the mind of countless fans. It's hard not to wonder what could have happened if the Disney acquisition of Marvel never canceled the project.

What Could Have Been for Spectacular Spider-Man

Spectacular Spider-Man

While talking on a TikTok live stream, Spectacular Spider-Man star Josh Keaton shared what future plans the canceled series had for Season 3 and beyond.

Keaton confirmed that one future season would have been "a year from Peter's life in high school," and the final fifth season followed "him graduating:"

"Greg [Weisman] had five seasons planned out. One season was going to be a year from Peter's life in high school and the last season was going to be him graduating. And then he was going to do like, movies adapting more of the mature themed Spider-Man storylines. That was the plan..."

The star also pointed out all the characters who would have had a bigger part in the show going forward, including the likes of Carnage, Sin-Eater, Hobgoblin, and more:

"... A bunch of people were previewed in Season 2. You know, you saw Morris Bench (Hydro Man), Stan Carter (Sin-Eater) and Jean DeWolff. You saw Roderick Kingsley (Hobgoblin), Cletus Kasady, you saw [Hobart Brown] (The Prowler/The Hornet)... There were a bunch of people."

The Sad Cancelation of Spectacular Spider-Man

The potential for Spectacular Spider-Man was limitless, and most fans were devastated when it came to an abrupt end. To make matters worse, an inferior Spidey animated series was put in its place, and Josh Keaton promptly recasted.

Maybe this newfound attention for Keaton's Spidey could be enough to get the gears rolling on proper continuation. After all, as it currently stands, there isn't any ongoing animated Spider-Man show going on—besides Spidey and His Amazing Friends, which is aimed solely at younger kids.

Who doesn't want to see what that world's Carnage would have looked like? Or an updated take on Sin-Eater, a villain who doesn't often get the spotlight.

While a revival might be a pipe dream, maybe, at the very least, Josh Keaton's Spider-Man could get a bigger part in Beyond the Spider-Verse

For those who have never seen the fantastic Spectacular Spider-Man (or heard its even better theme song), the show is streaming in its entirety on Disney+.

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