Disney+ Adds Spider-Man’s Best Animated Show Next Month

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By Richard Nebens Posted:

After almost exclusively being used by Sony Pictures for quite some time, Disney+ is finally getting in on the web-slinging action with Spider-Man's rise in the MCU. Spidey played a role in Season 1 of 2021's What If...? as Peter Parker took on a zombie invasion, and he's far from done making his impact felt thanks to the Spider-Man: Freshman Year series coming in 2024 as well.

Disney+ also has its own dedicated Spider-Man section, which features a number of past animated adventures featuring the wall-crawler from the past three decades.

This includes the iconic '90s Spider-Man featuring the theme music recreated in the MCU by composer Michael Giacchino, along with the original animated adventures that started in 1981. Now, news has revealed that fans will have the chance to enjoy arguably the best animated Spider-Man series ever on Disney's streaming service in the near future.

Disney+ Adds Fan-Favorite Spider-Man Show

Spider-Man Animated

Disney+ has announced both seasons of The Spectacular Spider-Man to the service on October 19. 

This show is regarded by many as the best animated Spider-Man series ever made, even though it was canceled after two seasons. Featuring Josh Keaton as Peter Parker and Lacey Chabert as Mary-Jane Watson, The Spectacular Spider-Man had fans campaigning for its return almost immediately after it was taken off the air.

The show became available to U.S. Netflix subscribers in July; it's currently unknown if the title will leave that streamer when it arrives on Disney+ next month.

Spectacular Spider-Man Shines in Disney+ Debut

Having only run on Disney XD from 2008 to 2010, The Spectacular Spider-Man was short-lived but incredibly successful for fans between Tobey Maguire's live-action trilogy and Andrew Garfield's duo of Amazing Spider-Man movies. Earning praise for its shockingly mature themes presented in an animated series for a younger audience, audiences made their voices heard loudly when it was unceremoniously canceled more than a decade ago.

This series features Josh Keaton in one of his many Marvel voiceover roles as Peter Parker long before he took on the challenge of playing Steve Rogers in Season 1 of What If...? for Marvel Studios. He added his voice talents to a show that was well-written with a unique visual take on the Spider-Man lore, and even though the show won't continue into new episodes, this should be an addition to Disney+ which has many Spidey fans celebrating and revisiting the story.

Where Spider-Man goes in other mediums is still up in the air, but with Phase 5 and Phase 6 of the MCU slowly coming together, Tom Holland's live-action web-slinger will hopefully have his own movies moving further into development soon.

The Spectacular Spider-Man will hit Disney + on October 19.