Spider-Verse 3 Producer Just Spoiled 1 Big Miles Morales Plot Point

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A key plot point in Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse was revealed by some of the film's key executives.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and its sequel, Across the Spider-Verse, both focused on Shameik Moore's Miles Morales and his journey to becoming Spider-Man.

However, in the final moments of Spider-Verse 2, it was revealed that Miles was in an alternate universe when he found out that the version of him in that universe actually became the Prowler instead of Spider-Man.

Many fans immediately wondered how that plot point would fit into Beyond the Spider-Verse when that film eventually releases in theaters, and co-director Kemp Powers already revealed that it would be major.

Beyond the Spider-Verse Producer Spoils Storyline

Disney's The Parent Trap

Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse producers Chris Miller and Phil Lord joined director Joaquim Dos Santos in an interview with Empire Magazine about the upcoming film where they may have spoiled a key plot point that is to come.

The executives were asked about how much of this third film was planned out when they were still working on Into the Spider-Verse, and Miller revealed that they really hadn't planned any of Spider-Verse 3 at the time.

Dos Santos chimed in and stated that "there were some emotional touchstones resonating early on" and that initially they were going for "a Prince and the Pauper' take:"

"There were some emotional touchstones resonating early on. I think the take early on was way more of a ‘Prince And The Pauper’ take."

Miller then responded by saying "the alternate Miles" that was seen at the end of Across the Spider-Verse was as far as they had arranged:

"It was more about the alternate Miles. Basically, the thing that is now the very, very end of the movie was the bulk of the original concept."

Director Dos Santos then revealed that originally "there were some 'Parent Trap' elements" with the story.

Miller added that those elements eventually became "mostly the third movie," teasing that fans will see a Parent Trap-like story in Beyond the Spider-Verse

"Basically, that ended up becoming the second half of the movie, which then ended up becoming mostly the third movie."

For fans who aren't familiar with The Parent Trap, the premise is that two identical twins were separated but then discovered each other. Curious as to how the other lived their respective life, they decided to switch places and act as though they were the other twin.

Lord then stated that he and Miller came to Dos Santos and asked him to "pitch" whatever he wanted:

"I know that we basically asked you to blue-sky the whole movie and make a crazy new pitch that had as much as you wanted and as little as you wanted of the script."

Dos Santos then revealed that, after he and director Justin K. Thompson came up with some ideas, Lord and Miller asked if they were "insane" because the walls looked like a "murder board" in a criminal investigation room with everything they were coming up with:

"I remember you guys walked into an office that Justin and I were sitting in and you went. ‘Are you guys insane?’ It was just like murder-board walls."

Lord jokingly stated that Dos Santos and Thompson's collection of ideas was "a reflection of madness." Miller also chimed in to say that "a lot of those ideas" will be seen in Beyond the Spider-Verse:

"It was a lot of ideas. But a lot of those ideas ended up making their way into the movie."

How Will The Parent Trap Influence Spider-Verse 3?

Miles Morales and Miles G. Morales in Across the Spider-Verse
Sony Pictures Animation

As previously mentioned, the two main characters in The Parent Trap switch places so that they can see each other's lives.

This works, and they are able to trick their parents because they look identical, so the same could happen in Beyond the Spider-Verse.

It is hard to believe that the two different versions of Miles will be friendly enough to the other to agree to switch places just for fun.

However, it was teased that the Prowler Miles may actually not be a main villain, just a Miles with a different personality.

If that is true, maybe the two Miles can come to an agreement where their respective powers and abilities can help the other's universe, so they will swap places.

However, just as in The Parent Trap, no one will notice since they are the same person and look identical, so they both will be able to do whatever they want without fear of getting caught.

It is also possible that the Miles that fans have grown to love will find an alternate version of Spider-Gwen in Prowler Miles' universe, as it was already confirmed that other versions of her will be present in the movie.

Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse does not have an official release date.

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