Spider-Verse 3 Producer Confirms the Main Goal of the Trilogy

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As Sony Pictures moves from Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse into Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse, a producer on Spider-Verse 3 confirmed what the main goal is for the Miles Morales trilogy.

Sending fans off with a cliffhanger in the final moments of Spider-Verse 2, Sony is now moving towards preparation for the conclusion to this highly-successful animated trilogy with the second part in this closing duo of movies.

And with Spider-Verse 3 serving as a closing chapter for this trilogy as Miles Morales continues to take the spotlight, Sony certainly found a way to provide fans with an adventure that resonated with the entire fanbase from all angles.

What Is the Goal of the Spider-Verse Trilogy?

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Speaking with AP News, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse producer Chris Miller explained what the goal of the entire trilogy is.

Explaining how the mask covers Miles Morales' whole body and face, the goal was to allow anybody to imagine themselves as Spider-Man and "show as many different types of people" being the hero as they could:

"With that mask that covers an entire body and face, you can imagine yourself in that suit. The whole goal of this trilogy was to let everybody feel like it could be me, and show as many different types of people — and animals — being Spider-Man as possible."

Along with Miles' responsibilities as Spider-Man, Miller also explained how "the parents have to come of age, too" as the movie focuses on both Miles' parents and Gwen Stacy's father, soon-to-be NYPD Captain Stacy.

Miller also touched on the idea of "what makes someone legitimate," with Miles searching for a sense of validation in this story, which is mostly an internal one:

"And what makes someone legitimate?. Do you seek that outside of yourself? Or can you simply seek your own approval? Miles is like all of us hoping for validation outside. But it can never really satisfy you. You have to take it on yourself. Even though the movie ends in a cliffhanger, I think that’s what he achieves. It’s an epic action movie where the story is really internal. He’s the MacGuffin."

Coming off the success of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, co-producer Phil Lord felt the confidence to go as far as he could with the sequels, hoping to "swing the biggest bat [they] can:"

"When you have the confidence of the audience like I hope we have from the first movie, you sort of want to use it as a springboard to take more chances, We couldn’t justify doing this with any other story or any other point in our careers. We were like: Let’s swing the biggest bat we can."

How Will Spider-Verse 3 Accomplish Trilogy Goal?

Putting Miles Morales at the forefront of this trilogy came as a big change considering how many Peter Parker-centric movies and TV programs have been highlighted over the years.

And even with how many Spider-Men were a part of Spider-Verse 2 before Spider-Verse 3 takes that same route, Miles' starring role in these films has only helped to further the idea that anybody can be a hero.

Miles will also show that on a new level next time around as he has to face a villainous Variant of himself who became the Prowler on Earth-42 with no Spider-Man in sight. 

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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