Hailee Steinfeld Shares Surprising Spider-Verse 3 Update

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Hailee Steinfeld, Spider-Verse 3

Spider-Verse 3 star Hailee Steinfeld had some surprising things to say about where the upcoming animated threequel is in production. 

The Gwen Stacy actress is set to round out the Spider-Verse trilogy with Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse next year after the shocking events of the recently released Across the Spider-Verse

Not much is known about the upcoming trilogy-closer, with plenty of rumors swirling, including just how long the animated epic could be

The project was originally announced alongside Across the Spider-Verse, with production seemingly happening in parallel with work on the latest Multiveraal sequel. 

Spider-Verse 3 Development Update

Gwen Stacy, Across the Spider-Verse

Speaking on the Happy Sad Confused podcast with host Josh Horowitz, Spider-Verse 3 actress Hailee Steinfeld offered a shocking update on the upcoming film. 

When asked if the Beyond the Spider-Verse star had recorded anything for next year's threequel, Steinfeld insinuated she hadn't, remarking that they were "working on [Across the Spider-Verse] up until, like, a week [before release]:"

“We have been working on this one up until, like, a week ago. What’s crazy is, before this, I think the the only thing I could maybe even remotely compare it to are ADR sessions, right? So, my job is done. My work is done (we’re talking live action), we’ve shot the thing pictures locked, everything’s good, set, but we’re going back in to just like fix where the planes happen to just not stop flying over us."

Steinfeld joked that part of the Spider-Verse process is going in and "constantly just continue[ing] to tweak and fine-tune:"

"And it’s always been a little tedious, right? Because you feel like you’re a lot further removed from it, you could be coming in for ADR quite some time after the fact. More recently, I have felt like it is a great opportunity to go in and better a performance. With this, I’ve never felt more that way, and I’ve never felt more inspired by the drive that these filmmakers have to constantly just continue to tweak, and fine-tune, and perfect everything they can, every chance they get."

She noted that she "thought that I [she] saw the final [version of Across the Spider-Verse]" weeks ago yet will still probably see so many things "for the first time [no that] it is out, and done, and complete:"

"It’s mind-blowing that… I thought that I saw the final thing, that’s for sure it was not done. There are so many things I’m sure that I will now see for the first time when it is out, and done, and complete. But yeah, luckily, I don’t feel… there’s a little bit of it, but I do not feel anywhere near the amount of stress that I know these guys feel just down to the wire making it what they need to make it.”

Should Fans Be Worried About Spider-Verse 3?

It is going to be a little shocking for some to hear that one of the stars of Beyond the Spider-Verse has seemingly yet to record anything for a film that is less than ten months away. 

But as Hailee Steinfeld said, these movies are ventures that come "down to the wire." So surely recording will happen in due time. 

Even the production of the critically acclaimed Across the Spider-Verse was one of constant change

It is not as though production is not happening on Spider-Verse 3. Spider-Verse producer Peter Ramsey recently teased the "hundreds of people that [are bringing] their imagination" to the third film, indicating progress is being made on the animated epic. 

There is a possibility that Steinfeld and the other stars' performances will be captured down the line, with temp audio being used by the Spider-Verse animators in the meantime. 

Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse is currently set to come to theaters on March 29, 2024. 

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