War Machine (James Rhodes)

Secret Invasion Director Confirms Exactly When Rhodey Became a Skrull

Rhodey may have been a Skrull in Secret Invasion, but was he in any other MCU projects?

By Sam Hargrave -

MCU: The Only 12 Characters to Appear In Every Phase

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15 Best Marvel Legends Action Figures Ranked

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James Rupert "Rhodey" Rhodes
Superhero Alias:
War Machine
Don Cheadle
War Machine Armor Capabilities
Power Suit
First Appearance:
Iron Man
Every Appearance:
Iron Man
Iron Man 2
Iron Man 3
Avengers: Age of Ultron
Captain America: Civil War
Avengers: Infinity War
Captain Marvel
Avengers: Endgame
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
Next Appearance:
Armor Wars
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Rhdoey's Secret Invasion Skrull twist ruined a number of Avengers: Endgame moments.

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Why Marvel Gender-Swapped Don Cheadle's Rhodey Skrull, Revealed by Director

Fans now know why Rhodey's Skrull character was a female in Secret Invasion.

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Avengers: Endgame Star Breaks Silence on Becoming a Skrull In the MCU

Boom, you lookin' for this? The Avengers star now plays a Skrull in Secret Invasion

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Secret Invasion Twist Sets Up Heartbreaking Tony Stark Reveal

War Machine might not have been there with Tony Stark when he died.

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This Avengers Hero Was a Skrull All Along, Confirms Marvel Studios

Turns out this Avengers has been in disguise for a long while.

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This Avengers Hero Is Now Likely a Skrull In the MCU

Fans think they might have found a Skrull hiding in Secret Invasion.

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Marvel Announces Captain Marvel's Next Romance Story With Boyfriend

Marvel Comics unveiled the next story of its Love Unlimited anthology series, starring Carol Danvers and James Rhodey.

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Don Cheadle Throws Shade At Marvel for Black Panther Absence

Don Cheadle really wanted to appear as James Rhodes in the MCU's Black Panther movies.

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Why Secret Invasion Could Be the MCU's Best Disney+ Show Yet

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Don Cheadle Reveals War Machine's Major New MCU Role After Endgame

MCU veteran actor Don Cheadle teased what his role will be in the upcoming Secret Invasion series.

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James Spader's Ultron Rumored to Return in This New Marvel Movie

The MCU's Ultron, played by James Spader, is rumored to make a comeback in an upcoming Phase 5 movie.

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New Avengers 5 Fan Posters Reveal 26 Characters We Want In the Movie

Fan-made posters for Avengers: The Kang Dynasty highlight 26 superheroes fans hope to see in the next Avengers installment.

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Don Cheadle Argues Marvel Hasn't Properly Explored War Machine

War Machine actor Don Cheadle opened up about believing his MCU character has yet to be properly explored.

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Don Cheadle Reveals If Armor Wars' Disney+ Abandonment Was His Decision

Don Cheadle shared new details on why Armor Wars was changed from a movie to a TV show.

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Don Cheadle Teases War Machine’s Upcoming ‘Rebirth’ In the MCU

Don Cheadle teases a 'rebirth' for his MCU hero coming quick on the horizon.

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Marvel Update Has Fans Convinced Robert Downey Jr. Will Return In Armor Wars

Marvel Studios upgraded Don Cheadle's Disney+ series to a feature film, leading many to believe Robert Downey Jr. might make an MCU cameo in Armor Wars.

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Marvel Studios Completely Changes Plans for Iron Man Spin-off, Armor Wars

Marvel Studios announced a change in plans for Don Cheadle's Armor Wars project

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Marvel Recruits Obi-Wan Kenobi Writer for Disney+ Iron Man Spin-off

Armor Wars has gotten some new writers, one of which has some important Star Wars experience under their belt.

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Don Cheadle Addresses When He'll Retire from the MCU

Don Cheadle talked about when he might stop stepping into his War Machine armor.

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Falcon and Winter Soldier: Showrunner Plays Coy on War Machine's Role In Upcoming Episodes

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier's head writer, Malcom Spellman, has shared his thoughts on the scene between Sam and Rhodey in the show's first episode.

By Julia Delbel -

MCU: Disney Confirms Multiple New War Machine Suits Appearing Soon

It’s been officially revealed by Marvel Studios that Armor Wars will see star Don Cheadle wear multiple War Machine suits.

By Russ Milheim -

Disney Confirms 2022 Debuts For Samuel L. Jackson's Secret Invasion & Don Cheadle's Armor Wars

The offical Disney Inverstor's Day supplemental packet confirms the release order for all thirteen new Disney+ shows in the MCU's Phase 4.

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MCU: Don Cheadle Teases Plot of Marvel's Armor Wars Disney+ Show

Don Cheadle shares more details about Armor Wars and when writing for the Disney+ series will begin.

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How Falcon and Winter Soldier's Finale Sets Up Don Cheadle's Armor Wars Disney+ Show

The finale of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier left numerous plot points open for the future of the MCU, however, some seem to pave the way for the 2022 Armor Wars Disney+ series

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Yassir Lester Nabs Head Writer Job for MCU's Armor Wars

Marvel Studios reportedly hired Yassir Lester as the head writer for the Armor Wars Disney+ series.

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Don Cheadle Teases How Avengers: Endgame Sets Up Iron Man Disney+ Spin-off, Armor Wars

War Machine actor Don Cheadle commented on his time as James Rhodes and what he can reveal about the expectations fans should have for his character in the upcoming Disney+ show, Armor Wars.

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Don Cheadle’s Marvel Disney+ Show Receives Exciting Production Update

Marvel Studios executive Jenna Berger shared a promising filming update for Don Cheadle's Armor Wars series.

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Marvel’s Don Cheadle Sets the Record Straight on Iron Man Replacement Rumors

The War Machine actor responded to speculation that his character would become the next Iron Man.

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Shang-Chi End-Credits Theory Connects Falcon and Winter Soldier Figure to Ten Rings' Future

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings' post-credits scene teases some major implications for a potential sequel down the road.

By Tom Drew -

Don Cheadle Confirms He's Done With Marvel Contract

Don Cheadle, one of the longest serving MCU actors, revealed at D23 that after Armor Wars, his contract with Marvel will be up.

By Jennifer McDonough -

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