Marvel Studios FINALLY Shares Exciting Update on Forgotten Armor Wars

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James Rhodes is a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that has literally been there since day one. After waiting over a decade to get his own project, fans of War Machine have now waited two years for any sort of update on the Disney+ series Armor Wars since it was first announced on Disney+ Day in 2020. 

The time for that update has finally come. 

One of the last remaining MCU legacy characters to receive a solo project, Armor Wars has been abruptly quiet since being announced in 2020. Marvel Studios released 15 new title cards at San Diego Comic-Con without mentioning Rhodey. 

Armor Wars has received its biggest update yet, and fans of the Iron Man franchise can breathe easy knowing that Cheadle is returning as Col. James Rhodes.  

Armor Wars Gets 6 Episodes on Disney+

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At Disney's D23 Expo, Don Cheadle got on stage to confirm that Armor Wars is officially happening and will begin filming next year. 

Now confirmed to be a six-episode series on Disney+, Armor Wars will take place right after the events of Secret Invasion. 

Finally, a new and improved logo with hints of an arc reactor was revealed. 

Armor Wars Filming Next Year, Baby

Armor Wars getting this time at D23, a new logo, and an episode count is a bare-minimum update, but still an update nonetheless. With Don Cheadle appearing in Secret Invasion, this becomes a project that fans are keeping an ear out for any hints of plot or story. 

There are plenty of exterior pieces in the MCU that can (and will) spill into Armor Wars. Ironheart is rumored to include James Rhodes and the tech involved with War Machine. Secret Invasion will obviously catch audiences up with Rhodes and his role post-Endgame since he's only been seen in a quick sequence of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier since then, so Armor Wars can finally focus on what role Rhodey plays in a post-Stark world. 

What fans can look forward to the most about Armor Wars is exploring the government entities in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Both SWORD and The Department Of Damage Control have been fixtures in Phase 4 and will surely act as the friction between the heroes and the people of the MCU. Not to mention everything going on with Thunderbolts, there are plenty of persisting problems that the MCU will have to address. 

Armor Wars is sure to be a Phase 6 fixture that will become more clear as these Earth-based projects keep rolling out. 

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