Don Cheadle Teases Updates on Disney+’s Armor Wars Amid Cancellation Concerns

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If anything, San Diego Comic-Con proved there is plenty to be excited about when it comes to the MCU. At Marvel Studios' Hall H extravaganza, the Hollywood giant teased the next half-decade for the franchise. But one project that was noticeably absent was Don Cheadle's Armor Wars

Unveiled back in December 2020, the Don Cheadle-led streaming series is set to tell the story of James "Rhodey" Rhodes (aka War Machine) as "Tony Stark's worst fears [come] true." Black Monday's Yassir Lester has been tapped to write the show, with teases that it will be heavily tied to Avengers: Endgame

With the series' snub from Marvel Studios' SDCC festivities, fans are worried that the project may have been shelved or outright scrapped. Thankfully, a couple of the big names making this MCU epic happen have come forward to hopefully quell some nerves. 

Don Cheadle Provides an Armor Wars Update

Armor Wars, Don Cheadle

Replying to a tweet asking for any update on MCU Disney+ series Armor Wars, star Don Cheadle teased that news may be on the horizon. 

After being prodded on the subject ("Any update on Armor Wars?"), Cheadle responded by saying "Funny you should ask," hinting that more Armor Wars info is coming very soon. This comes shortly after series writer Yassir Lester shared a similar sentiment on his Instagram story, promising that "it is still coming out.”

And these reassurances are not coming for no apparent reason. Ever since Marvel Studios' San Diego Comic-Con Hall H Panel on July 23, fans have been fearing that the Don Cheadle-led MCU series had been put on ice. 

On the day, tensions were high with people like @CINEPAPI on Twitter tweeting, "did marvel really cancel armor wars???? oh my god."

@DIRECT0RSTARK shared a similar sentiment, threatening that if Kevin Feige cancels "Armor Wars [he's] gonna make that show [himself]."

@aquarianbiinfj was just as confused, remarking, "Soooo is Armor Wars still happening or not?"

And @nancysgun asked a very similar question, posting, "was armor wars actually canceled or did people assume because it wasn't on the [Comic-Con] slate."

Armor Wars is Still Happening

For those who are still shaking over the potential cancellation of Armor Wars, worry not, it will eventually come. Star Don Cheadle and writer Yassir Lester should be pretty reliable when it comes to news on the MCU streaming series. 

Yes, it was not present at SDCC; however, Marvel did not show its entire hand at its Hall H panel. Aside from Fantastic FourAvengers: The Kang Dynasty, and Avengers: Secret Wars, the Phase 6 slate currently sits blank. So, perhaps Armor Wars will eventually settle into one of those empty spots. 

As for when fans will actually hear news on the project, Cheadle's tweet feels like something could be imminent. And with Disney+ Day happening in just a matter of weeks that feels like the perfect place to offer up some more details on the series.

Right now, Armor Wars remains undated, but many hope that a release date is on the way soon. 

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