Marvel Announces Captain Marvel's Next Romance Story With Boyfriend

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Marvel Comics announced the next romantic story in its Love Unlimited anthology series, which will star Captain Marvel and War Machine.

Carol Danvers is supposedly married to a singing alien prince in the MCU's The Marvels. However, it's likely a fakeout or diplomatic marriage, especially after producers made it a point to exclude a male romantic interest in Captain Marvel. In contrast, in the comics, Carol has been in a nearly decade-long relationship with James Rhodes.

Marvel Comics has far more romance than the MCU, even having a dedicated online anthology comic focused on various couples and characters within the Marvel universe called Love Unlimited.

Captain Marvel Attempts To Rekindle Romance

Marvel Comics announced that the newest story for its Love Unlimited anthology series will focus on Carol Danvers and James Rhodes as a couple, beginning with Issue #55.

Marvel Unlimited, Love Unlimited, Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel
Love Unlimited — Issue #55

Marvel described their relationship as one that "has seen many ups and downs," with Rhodey plagued by "sleep terrors:"

"Captain Marvel and War Machine’s relationship has seen many ups and downs. But currently this power couple is facing a major down—especially since Rhodey has been plagued by sleep terrors."

Carol Danvers, James Rhodes, Captain Marvel, War Machine, Love Unlimited, Marvel Unlimited
Love Unlimited — Issue #55

But due to this continuing "major funk" in their relationship, the two heroes get advice from their best friends that "a lavish vacation" could "rekindle their love:"

"And it’s left them in a major funk, even after talking to their best friends Tony Stark and Spider-Woman. Maybe a lavish vacation across space can rekindle their love? Or, has this relationship finally burned out?"

Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel, Marvel Unlimited, Love Unlimited
Love Unlimited — Issue #55

"Grab your first look at the whirlwind “World Tour” story in LOVE UNLIMITED #55 now, then read the full issue on the Marvel Unlimited app. New chapters of this six-part arc will drop each Thursday!"

James Rhodes, War Machine, Rhodey, Blush, Marvel Unlimited, Love Unlimited
Love Unlimited — Issue #55

Let the Captain Marvel & War Machine Romance Die

It's possible this story could end with the two of them breaking up. Not only do these Love Unlimited stories tend to end with a lesson or theme about love and relationships, but it would also help wipe the slate clean for Alyssa Wong, the next writer for Captain Marvel's ongoing comic starting in October.

Civil War II, War Machine, Rhodey, Death, Captain Marvel, Marvel Comics, Comic Panel
Civil War II (2016) #1

Many fans have been hoping that the two split for years, as it's been detrimental for them as characters, especially Rhodey. 

Not only was it used as a way to fridge War Machine at the hands of Thanos (the source of his sleep terrors) during Civil War II to make Carol and Tony fight, but it also pigeonholed him into being a supporting character for Carol.

Love Unlimited, Marvel Unlimited, Jessica Drew, Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman
Love Unlimited — Issue #55

The two barely even spend any time together, and Love Unlimited goes as far as to point out the shallowness of their relationship. This includes how, according to Rhodey, they "don't do serious" and how Jessica Drew tells Carol "You don't need to codify what you've got" despite the two of them being together, in-universe, for at least three years.

At this point, it's felt like a mandate from Marvel Editorial to keep them together. It's not like the two of them will ever get together in the MCU, so it's not due to misguided synergy, and they're far from a fan-favorite couple like Rogue and Gambit.

Hopefully, this story for Love Unlimited will be about how some relationships don't work out and both can finally be freed from one of the blandest romances in Marvel Comics.

The Marvels premieres in theaters on November 10.

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