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With Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer hitting theaters, here's everyone who's set to appear.

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Dane William DeHaan
February 6, 1986
Harry Osborn/Green Goblin
The Amazing Spider-Man
Notable Projects:
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
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Amazing Spider-Man Star Dane DeHaan Just Made His Green Goblin MCU Appearance Even Less Likely

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 star Dane Dehaan shot down any chnace of returning as Green Goblin.

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Tom Holland's Spider-Man 3: Some Villains Rumored To Have New Designs

A new rumor says that Jamie Foxx's Electro won't be only villain in Spider-Man 3 with a new design.

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Tom Holland's Spider-Man 3: Dane DeHaan Debunks Green Goblin Casting Rumors

The 'Chronicle' actor claims there's "no truth" to his rumored role in Spider-Man 3.

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16 Marvel Movies & Shows You Need to Watch Before Spider-Man: No Way Home

The Direct analyzes every movie and TV show that ties into the upcoming release of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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Dave Franco Reacts to MCU Spider-Man Casting Prospects: 'A Little Tricky'

Dave Franco responds to the idea of playing Harry Osborn.

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Spider-Man: No Way Home Reactions Promise Unexpected Cameos & Surprises

Two critics reactions for Spider-Man: No Way Home promised unexpected cameos and surprises from MCU threequel.

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Spider-Man: No Way Home: Dane DeHaan Voices Support for Electro Co-Star

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 star Dane DeHaan commented on co-star Jamie Foxx’s Instagram to support his vendetta against the wall-crawler.

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