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Eternals Star Reveals Why He Thinks It Got Bad Reviews

Eternals actor Barry Keoghan broke down why he thinks his MCU debut got such a mixed reception.

By Klein Felt -

Robert Pattinson's Batman: Joker Actor Teases His Next Appearance

the Batman's Barry Keoghan has commented on his Joker and the potential for a spin-off.

By Savannah Sanders -

Eternals 2: MCU Actor Offers Status Update on Marvel Sequel

The actor behind Druig has commented on what might be happening in Eternals 2.

By Russ Milheim -

Eternals 2: Marvel Actor Reacts to Disappointing Sequel Update

A new interview with Eternals star Barry Keoghan revealed his response to the lack of news on a sequel.

By Jennifer McDonough -

The Batman 2: Joker Actor Breaks Silence on Sequel Prospects

Barry Keoghan has opened up about the prospects of returning as the Joker in The Batman 2.

By Savannah Sanders -

Marvel's Eternals Star Barry Keoghan Arrested for Public Order Incident

Marvel and DC star Barry Keoghan was arrested in Dublin due to a "public order" incident.

By Savannah Sanders -

Watch: The Batman's 5-Minute Joker Deleted Scene Released Online

A new deleted scene for The Batman showcased another fresh look at Barry Keoghan's Joker.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

The Batman: Barry Keoghan Breaks Silence on [SPOILERS]

Barry Keoghan gave his first quotes about his rumored role in The Batman.

By Richard Nebens -

Did The Batman Just Spoil Barry Keoghan's Joker Appearance?

The Batman's official credit sheet hints at Barry Keoghan's role being much bigger than initially anticipated.

By Liam Crowley -

Is Joker In The Batman Movie? Barry Keoghan's Brother Responds to Rumors

Barry Keoghan's brother reacts to rumors of his brother playing the Joker in The Batman.

By Pierre Chanliau -

Marvel's Eternals Star Barry Keoghan Hospitalized After Assault

Barry Keoghan was the victim of an assault in Ireland and had to be hospitalized.

By Richard Nebens -

Robert Pattinson's The Batman: Barry Keoghan Reveals Movie Crew Apparel In New Selfie

A new set photo from The Batman shows Barry Keoghan in a Dark Knight-inspired fleece.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

Marvel’s Eternals: Villain Performance of Barry Keoghan Praised By MCU Actor

Upcoming Marvel Studios Eternals star Barry Tyree Henry gave high praise to Barry Keoghan, who will be playing a chief antagonist in the MCU film.

By Russ Milheim -

Marvel's Eternals Leak Reveals Salma Hayek & Barry Keoghan's MCU Costume Details

New Twitter leak provides look at costumes for Barry Keoghan's Druig and Salma Hayek's Ajak from Marvel's 'Eternals.'

By Richard Nebens -

The Batman Cast Adds Marvel's The Eternals Star Barry Keoghan

The Batman adds Barry Keoghan to the cast, his second comic book movie of 2021 including Marvel's The Eternals

By Richard Nebens -

The Eternals: Angelina Jolie Praises 'Unique' Marvel Co-Star Barry Keoghan

Jolie says she 'thinks highly' of her Eternals co-star.

By Liam Crowley -

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