Barry Keoghan Reveals His Least Favorite Saltburn Movie Scene He Had to Film

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Saltburn, Barry Keoghan

Barry Keoghan just revealed his least favorite scene in Saltburn to make a reality.

Keoghan’s Oliver Quick, a student at Oxford, is involved in a long list of insane sequences in the latest Amazon Studios film.

The most controversial of the bunch include his character drinking dirty bath water out of the bottom of the tub. 

Surprisingly, none of those scenes were the one Keoghan looked forward to filming the least.

Barry Keoghan Dreaded Karaoke

While speaking with AP Entertainment, Saltburn star Barry Keoghan revealed which scene was his last favorite to film.

Saltburn, Barry Keoghan
Amazon Studios

When asked if there was one particular sequence he dreaded ahead of time, Keoghan admitted it was “the singing” for “the karaoke” scene:

“The singing. The karaoke, because I don’t sing, or I don’t dance, so… they were the two hesitant moments for me. Everything else was kind of alright. I know that’s probably worrying if everything else was alright and the singing and dancing was the problem. But those two things, yeah, for me, I don’t do them.”

Saltburn, Barry Keoghan
Amazon Studios

The sequence in question sees Oliver Quick out on the spot as he’s thrust into singing a questionable song in front of the entire Catton family and guests. 

However, Keoghan’s character does get the last laugh, as he makes sure Farleigh Start gets a few stanzas in as well.

The actor went on to admit that Oliver himself is “a bad singer,” which “kind of helped [him].”

The Many Depraved Actions of Oliver Quick

While it may be hard to understand why karaoke would be most feared by Barry Keoghan, the anxiety behind singing and dancing is a real struggle—especially for those who don't ever do either.

Though, when directly compared to some of Oliver Quick’s other antics, it does feel silly on the surface.

One thing to keep in mind is that there were a lot more people watching Keoghan while he did Karaoke than his other more depraved scenes. It was probably a closed set for nearly all of them—meaning the crew itself was limited in the immediate vicinity.

Lucky for Keoghan, it doesn't seem like the world is giving his karaoke performance much attention. Everyone still seems to be pretty entranced by his odd diet or vampiric tendencies.

Saltburn is now available to stream on Prime Video.

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