Marvel’s Eternals: Villain Performance of Barry Keoghan Praised By MCU Actor

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Back in 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy premiered in front of the world. In turn, it was met with raving reviews from fans and critics alike. The team became an instant favorite amongst MCU fans and drew in new ones. The funny thing about it, however, is that t before their explosive introduction to the MCU, they were extremely obscure characters.

Guardians of the Galaxy was not a well-known name, especially on a wider scale. Marvel Studios managed to pull them out of obscurity, and they are aiming to do the same thing with a brand-new team: The Eternals. Originally created by Jack Kirby, The Eternals are a race of immortal beings who lived on Earth, having shaped its history and civilization as they communed with god-like beings called Celestials.  

Eternals was originally set to hit the screens in November 2020, with a rumored trailer ready to go last March, until the pandemic hit. It was then promptly moved to November 2021 alongside many other MCU release changes. Now, with everything starting to get up and running again, fans are starting to hear more about the film. 

Just a few weeks ago, it was said that Eternals may be one of Marvel's best. This alone has made fans anxious to get their eyes on the first trailer. While there's plenty more waiting to go on that front, some praise for a certain aspect of the film has hit the web. 


In an interview with YouTube channel, actor Brian Tyree Henrywho pays Phastos in Eternals, praised his co-star Barry Keoghan's performance as fellow Eternal and villain, Druig.

Henry said that Keoghan was "so incredible" on set:

"Barry and I got very close filming. He is so incredible, and just one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life. He is just there to play and have fun." 

Henry continued his praise of Keoghan’s portrayal of Druig, making note of how he is a "masterclass already:"

"And, ‘know, he is truly, truly a masterclass already. To be so young, he is already, he is locked in, but he is also willing to learn."

Henry shared that same praise with his Godzilla Vs. Kong co-star Julian Dennison, while also again noting how great Henry (and Dennison) was:

"And I found that, doing kind of the same thing I was doing with Julian [Dennison], they became my family. There was just something about Barry, he is just a great spirit...just some of the biggest hearts I’ve ever seen, and just so much fun. He’s great."

Barry Tyree Henry himself also responded on Twitter to the interview, showing love to his co-star:



There's no denying that Eternals is a huge risk for Marvel Studios, even with its astronomically high reputation. Guardians of the Galaxy may have been an obscure movie, but it wasn't nearly as far into obscurity as Eternals was–and still is. There is no doubt though that Marvel can pull it off once again, putting another cosmic central team into the spotlight.

If all the recent praise is to be believed, then fans are in for a treat. The film's pitch was supposedly one of the best Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige had ever heard. On top of that, it's great to hear that the villain of the film may also be one of its strengths. Villains have been the weak spot of many Marvel films, with that only changing rather recently. 

Druig may be one of the antagonists of the piece, but there is also Kro, leader of the Deviants–AKA the opposites of The Eternals and what they stand for. Nothing is really known about Kro aside from some leaked merchandise that showcases him.

Hopefully, the two villains continue the MCU's recent streak of having strong villains going up against our heroes. 

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