Marvel's Eternals Leak Reveals Best Look at New Celestial Characters

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The cast of Eternals, Celestials in background

Marvel Studios' Eternals has been fully filmed and finished for a while now. Originally slated for a November 2020 release, the pandemic ended up getting in the way and the film was delayed a full year to November 5, 2021.

The cosmic themed superhero epic stars a cast of immortal characters who are quite difficult to kill. The Eternals were created by intergalactic beings called Celestials (Fans may recall that Peter Quill's father Ego was a Celestial in 2017's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 .)

There is also a race of genetic offshoots from the Eternals called the Deviants. For context, MCU big bad, Thanos is a Deviant in the pages of Marvel Comics, so they obviously have the potential to be extremely dangerous.

Little is known about the Celestials themselves, Taneleer Tivan, the Collector, operated his museum out of Knowhere, the severed head of an ancient Celestial. Apart from that tidbit of information, plus the aforementioned inclusion of Ego and a glimpse at Eson the Searcher in the first Guardians film, fans are largely in the dark about these extraordinarily powerful cosmic entities in the MCU.


Eternals Celestial

Per Twitter account, EternalsTalks , four new posters have leaked showing various Celestial characters from Eternals including Hargen the Measurer, Jemiah the Analyzer and Nezaar the Calculator. Check out the tweet below:


Eternals Celestials

Of course, the Celestials and Eternals from the comic books were created by legendary Marvel artist, Jack Kirby. It seems as though Marvel Studios held the late Mr. Kirby's designs in great reverence here as the designs for these characters look ripped straight from the comics, just updated for the more realistic MCU style.

There hasn't been any official marketing done for Eternals just yet, but that hasn't stopped a number of pieces of merchandise and promotional artwork from making its way online. However, perhaps with the film's director, Chloé Zhao gaining high profile notoriety on the awards circuit for her film Nomadland, Marvel and Disney may wish to capitalize on her spotlight and strike while the iron's hot by releasing a trailer.

Whether or not any Celestials will appear in said trailer is anyone's guess, but it does seem likely.

As mentioned above, Eternals hits theaters November 5, 2021.

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