Marvel Spoils 'Unexpected Tragedy' Is In Eternals Movie: 4 Predictions of What It Could Be

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With a star-studded cast of ten immortal heroes assembling to take on a world-ending cosmic threat, Eternals appears slated to be Marvel Studios' biggest theatrical release since 2019's Avengers: Endgame.

As director Chloé Zhao dives into the MCU's newest heroes in an exploration of thousands of years worth of human history, it looks as if the Oscar-winner has created something truly unique in this world.

Trailers for Eternals have already revealed the team will reunite in the modern-day era after some time apart as their sworn enemies, the Deviants, awaken to cause trouble for humanity. However, it seems another tragic event will be a factor in the reunion, but what could this unfortunate event be?

Marvel Teases Unexpected Tragedy for Eternals

Eternals Kingo, Ikaris, Deviant

As Eternals nears its November release, the official Marvel YouTube channel released a new video to explain the history and powers of the MCU's newest heroes, during which the studio teased an "unexpected tragedy" for the team.

Through a series of on-screen statements, the studio prepared fans for Eternals by describing the team's Celestial origins, the source of their powers, and the "last mission" which they will face in the MCU blockbuster:

"The Eternals are a group of ancient immortal beings working on behalf of the architects of existence itself, The Celestials.

The Eternals, led by Ajak, are comprised of Ikaris, Sersi, Thena, Gilgamesh, Kingo, Sprite, Druig, Makkari, and Phastos.

The Celestials sent The Eternals to Earth centuries ago to protect humankind from a race of predators called The Deviants. 

Each Eternal possesses a unique ability, all derived from the same cosmic power source.

The Eternals can harness their cosmic powers together to create the Uni-Mind, which amplifies their powers. 

While on Earth, the Eternals' mission is to teach and encourage mankind's growth and advancement in order to protect themselves.

Following an unexpected tragedy and the return of their most ancient enemy after hundreds of years, the Eternals are forced out of the shadows. 

Scattered across the globe, the Eternals must find one another and reunite to protect humanity in one last mission."

One particularly intriguing comment comes in the tease of an "unexpected tragedy" that will unite The Eternals in their MCU debut:

"Following an unexpected tragedy and the return of their most ancient enemy after hundreds of years, The Eternals are forced out of the shadows."

Marvel Studios previously made reference to this tragic event in the movie's synopsis, which was released in January 2020. This was ten months before Chloe Zhao's film was originally slated to hit theaters before the COVID-19 pandemic began. 

What Is Eternals' Unexpected Tragedy?

Eternals, Kit Harington

Whatever tragedy will unite the Eternals appears to be separate from the return of The Deviants, indicating there will be plenty for the team to deal with in the film. Although it's entirely possible the tragedy in question may stem from the villainous actions of the Deviants.

The Death of an Eternal

Typically, the word tragedy is used with regard to the loss of life, making the death of one of the Eternals an obvious theory. Since much of the film will take place throughout history, there would still be plenty of time to spend with each immortal being before one falls shortly before the team's present-day reunion.

With the Eternals already made up of ten members, many of whom will be played by A-list talent, it wouldn't be shocking if much of the team didn't make it out of the movie alive. After all, what better way to establish the stakes of the Deviant's return than with the death of an all-powerful immortal being?

However, one flaw with this theory comes as every member of the team has already been showcased in modern-day footage throughout Eternals' marketing, suggesting they will all make it through at least the first act of the history-hopping epic.

A Fallen Celestial 

Alternatively, what could set the stakes higher than the death of a Celestial? The Celestials are an ancient race as old as the universe itself who in many ways are like the parents of the Eternals and are already confirmed to appear in the movie.

Eternals won't be the first time the ancient immortals have appeared in the MCU as both Knowhere and Ego from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies are Celestials. Interestingly, this proves that despite their immense power, Celestials can die, although taking one down certainly wouldn't be an easy feat. 

Thanos' Snap

Since Eternals will at least somewhat connect to the events of Avengers: Endgame with Iron Man's snap supposedly having been the catalyst for the Deviants' return, perhaps Thanos' original murder of half the universe may be the tragedy in question.

The MCU has yet to dive into the five-year time jump created by Endgame and a cosmic project like Eternals could be an interesting place to do that, especially since the movie will be hopping through human history anyway. 

Another Major Disaster

Alternatively, Eternals' trailers have already showcased scenes of destruction around the world, meaning the unexpected tragedy in question could possibly be another major and deadly disaster altogether.

No matter what tragedy will reunite the Eternals, it can be assumed the blockbuster's Deviant villains will be the ones at fault as they return from their slumber to cause trouble for humanity once again. 

Eternals hits theaters on November 5, 2021. 

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