Marvel Reveals Best Look Yet at Eternals' Scary Main Villain

By Pierre Chanliau Posted:
Marvel Eternals movie villain Kro

Fans have gotten plenty of good looks at the titular Eternals but have barely seen anything from The Deviants, the hostile race of aliens that oppose them. Thus far, only one image of the leader of these Deviants , Kro, has surfaced.

At a glance, the design looks nothing like Kro in the comics, who appeared as a pink orc-like humanoid than anything. Meanwhile, in the MCU, Kro looks far more alien, appearing with green tree-like appendages and multiple eyes.

More merchandise has been released for Eternals , but instead of just showing off the heroes again, Kro is shown with a better look at his ugly mug.


Multiple new images of Kro have been released through Kohl's , giving fans a much closer look at the radically redesigned villain for Eternals and leader of the Deviants.

Kro Eternals Deviant
via Kohls

Obviously very stylized, this new image showing a close-up of Kro's face shows a mammalian nose and lips but four inhuman eyes that are eerily blank. Additionally, there seems to be a distinct symbol on Kro's forehead, but it's hard to tell if it's natural or not.

Kro Shoulders Deviant Eternals
via Kohls

The next image gives a better look at Kro's enormous neck along with his skin that almost looks like exposed muscle tissue in motion.

Kro Deviant Eternals Tentacles
via Kohls

Kro is also shown seemingly to be made entirely out of a muscle-tissue-like substance that moves and even shows Kro as hallow. It could also simply be a creative design choice by the graphic artist and not indicative of Kro's design or characteristics in the film.

Kro Full-Body Deviant Eternals
via Kohls

By far the best look at Kro above his waist, this images makes it look like he's made up of this muscle-tissue that also acts as tentacles. It's hard to tell if the coloring on Kro was a creative liberty by the graphic artist, but it's reminiscent of motor oil in water, giving it almost a sickly rainbow sheen.


It's clear at this point that, much like with the Eternals themselves, the Deviants won't be taking much, if any, influence from the designs created by famous Marvel artist Jack Kirby. Other Deviants were shown through LEGO merchandise , showcasing a common design theme that seems to be present with the Deviants in the MCU, which is the tentacles sprouting out of them like with Kro.

In the comics, Deviants could shapeshift, so perhaps them being composed of a moving mass of muscle-tissue and tentacles is what facilitates this ability. There could still be a small chance of Eternals showing a more comic-accurate design to the comics, maybe at least as a nod to Kirby and his work.

Hopefully, all these changes from the source material will be worth it when Eternals releases in theaters on November 5, 2021 .

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