Marvel’s Eternals Leak Provides First Look at Movie’s Villain

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With all the MCU news that has broken nearly every day for the past couple of weeks, one project that has largely gone under the radar is Marvel’s Eternals. Due to the recent reshuffling of the MCU release schedule, this film will not release in theaters until November 5, 2021, even though all shooting is complete along with nearly all of post-production.

Not much is known thus far about the movie’s plot outside of the fact that it will go through thousands of years of time and show the main cast of characters throughout the course of human history on Earth. There have been a couple of different leaks over the last few months to tease what could potentially happen in the movie, including a brand new one tonight that gives a potential look at the film’s big bad...


In a new post from Instagram user _rektangular, an image has leaked showing an action figure depiction of Kro from Marvel Studios’ Eternals. Kro has been rumored as one of the film’s main villains and the full image of the figurine can be viewed here:

This is an interesting design for this new character considering how different his look is in the original comics, which can be seen here:

Marvel Comics


While Kro in this leak looks vastly different from his comic book counterpart, it shouldn’t necessarily sound any major alarms for fans that want to see the villain in his full form. In the comics, he has largely been connected with the Deviants, who are confirmed to be some of the antagonists against the core group of heroes, and he also has the ability to shape-shift into basically anything he chooses.

Even though MCU fans have seen this ability before through the Skrulls’ appearances in Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: Far From Home, Kro is almost definitely going to be far more dangerous of an adversary upon his arrival into the franchise as the leader of the Deviants. With examples of antics in the comics such as transforming into the devil for humans and having an on-again-off-again relationship with Thena, he is a villain that shouldn’t be taken lightly, and it will be quite the intriguing mystery finding out how he will be integrated into this massive ensemble film.

Eternals has finished all shooting and almost all post-production, and it will release globally in theaters on November 5, 2021.

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