Marvel's Eternals: Creepy Main Villain Receives First Look In New Trailer

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For everything that's coming in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there's something uniquely different about the anticipation building for November's Eternals. This continues to be the case after the long-awaited first trailer dropped, giving fans a first look at the expansive story and impressive cast bringing the immortal beings to life on screen.

The costumes and scenery are top-notch even for Marvel's high standards, although next-to-none of the plot is revealed in the two-minute teaser nor the new poster that accompanied it. Director Chloé Zhao is quickly proving why she won last year's Oscar for Best Director, encapsulating millennia of human history through the Eternals' eyes and showcasing stunning VFX along with stunning real-world scenery.

On top of all that, the trailer also seems to have given a very quick first look at the film's big bad in action.


At the 1:28 mark of Marvel Studios' Eternals trailer, the villainous Kro seems to make his first on-screen appearance.

Kro 1

Kumail Nanjiani's Kingo slides underneath the villain and attacks his legs in a shot that lasts for less than a second, with Kro appearing as a blue amorphous being. 

Kro 2



While this trailer rightfully focused on the near-dozen of central heroes leading the story, this first look at Kro gives an exciting tease of what to expect on the villainous side of the battle.

This will likely be far from the only form in which fans see Kro considering he's one of Marvel's notable shapeshifters from the comics. It's clear that his powers will appear differently than the Skrulls, who have appeared in three other MCU outings to date, although these visuals could potentially be much more terrifying in nature.

Kro Eternals Villain

With four white eyes and tentacle-like muscle tissue, Kro will be quite the difficult adversary even for a group as powerful as the Eternals. The character has notable connections to the Deviants as well as Angelina Jolie's Thena, and he is sure to use those ties to his advantage in order to accomplish whatever goals he has in the film.

No matter what plot details arise over the coming months, this first look at Kro teases yet another exciting aspect about the MCU's twenty-sixth full-length movie. As 2021 comes to a close, fans and critics alike will turn their attention to this potential award-winner as Marvel delivers one of its most special projects to date.

Eternals is set to debut in theaters on November 5, 2021. The full trailer can be seen below:


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