Marvel's Eternals Has One of the Best Chances To Win 2022 Oscars, Claims UK Betting Company

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The Oscars just aired, and it was an interesting experience, to say the least. While there were no Marvel films to be found, because of their lack of 2020 output, there was one very important person that was not only nominated but won. That person is none other than Chloé Zhao, who won an Oscar for Best Director for this year's Best Picture winner Nomadland .

That name should be familiar to Marvel fans, as she is the director of the upcoming film Eternals , which is set to release on November 5 of this year. The attention that Zhao is receiving is sure to excite Marvel when it comes to marketing potential. However, it's also great news for fans, as it means Eternals is likely in very good hands.

With that win, there's already talk that Marvel Studios might be in the running for some Oscar attention next year.


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The British-based betting & gambling company Ladbrokes posted on their Twitter an image revealing their current betting odds for which film is most likely to win Best Picture at the Oscars in 2022. Among the contenders is the Chloé Zhao-directed Eternals from Marvel Studios, with a predicted 16/1 chance at the Academy Award victory.

The full list can be seen below, which notably includes other blockbusters like Dune and the 007 film No Time to Die.

Ladbrokes Politics.

The Tweet from Ladbrokes can be seen below.


16/1 odds are a pretty good bet for Eternals . Marvel Studios hasn't had much luck when it comes to Oscar wins, having only won twice—for Best Original Score and Best Production Design for Black Panther in 2019. They've also only been nominated for Best Picture once, and that was the same year for the same film, which they lost to Green Book .

It's not just Marvel Studios that don't have much luck in the Oscars. Blockbusters in general, especially superhero films, tend to be in the back of the academy's mind when they hand out those awards. That said, the studio hasn't been in a position like this before. Chloé Zhao's win for Best Director will keep Eternals in the spotlight and is inherent marketing on its own—that is unless it flops.

Something which is not too likely to happen, especially if it is indeed one of the best films that Marvel Studios has ever put out . The wait for the film has been a long one, but it's almost here. Just a little longer.

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