Saltburn Deaths Explained: Everyone Who Dies (And Why)

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Saltburn, Barry Keoghan

Saltburn is not a very happy-go-lucky story, and its tale quickly spirals into a journey filled with plenty of major deaths.

The story follows the obsession and desires of Barry Keoghan’s Oliver Quick, who quickly sets his sights on Jacob Elordi’s Felix Catton. Before he knows it, the Oxford student is heading to the Saltburn Estate to spend his summer with his infatuation.

For those looking for some intensely disturbing scenes, including one particular sequence in a dirty bathtub, then this is undoubtedly the movie to watch.

Everyone Who Dies in Saltburn

Felix Catton - Poisoned

Felix Catton in Saltburn

The first Catton family death is Jacob Elordi’s Felix Catton—the target of Oliver Quick’s obsession.

After learning Oliver has done nothing but lie about himself, Felix tells his former friend he wants nothing to do with him. Despite begging and pleading from Barry Keoghan’s twisted character, Felix refuses him at every turn.

Naturally, in response, Oliver decides that if he cannot have Felix, then no one can. So, he poisons the bottle he gives to Felix in the maze.

After one swig, Felix’s fate is sealed, and the misfortune of the Catton family begins.

Venetia Catton - Suicide (?)

Venetia Catton in Saltburn

While Venetia Catton’s bathtub scene is not the one that is going viral, it is plenty important.

Overwhelmed by grief due to the loss of her brother Felix Catton, Alison Oliver’s Venetia lashes out at Oliver after he walks in on her in the bathroom. This is their last proper interaction before Venetia is found with her wrists cut, having never gotten out of the water.

It is unclear if Oliver is the one who did the act or if he simply offered up the tools to a susceptible Venetia, who then took the newly gifted razor blades and ended her life.

Sir James Catton - Suicide

Sir James Catton in Saltburn

Not long after Venetia Catton’s death, Sir James, the patriarch of the Canton family, offers Oliver Quick a large sum of money to leave the Saltburn Estate. Next time audiences hear about him, Richard E. Grant’s James died off-screen–and the time jump between these moments is a little unclear, though it seems to have been at least a few years.

Based on Elspeth noting that she was “surprised he waited so long,” one could safely assume Sir James Catton eventually committed suicide. However, the movie dedicates little to no time exploring his final moments.

Elspeth Catton - Ventilator Withdrawal After Unknown Illness

Elspeth Catton sick in Saltburn

Following the death of her entire family, Rosamund Pike’s Elspeth eventually relocates. As luck would have it (or sinister planning), she runs into Oliver Quick.

That not-so-chance meeting leads to her demise.

She gets sick from a mysterious illness and then has her ventilator ripped out by Oliver himself knowing that Elspeth already signed away her wealth and Saltburn Estate to him.

But Who Didn’t Die?

Despite all the deaths, there were two notable survivors of Oliver’s Saltburn rampage.

The first is Archie Madekwe’s Farleigh Start. Despite having a clear hatred of each other, Felix’s cousin survived his encounter with Oliver—though it did cost him his precious standing with the Cattons.

Then there is Paul Rhys’ Duncan, who was the family caregiver. While he once served the Catton, he’s now likely under the charge of the man who killed the entire previous regime.

An honorable mention goes to Ewan Mitchell’s Michael Gavey, Oliver’s first acquaintance at Oxford, who he quickly left in the dust for Felix. Michael probably doesn't even begin to realize how lucky he is.

Saltburn is now streaming on Prime Video.

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