MCU Infinity Saga (2008 - 2019)

Are Marvel Movies Getting Worse? Here's What the Data Says

How do critic and audience scores reflect the performance of the Marvel Cinematic Universe post-Endgame?

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Latest Infinity Saga News

Disney Celebrates MCU Phase 1-3 Movies With New Infinity Saga Merch Collection

Disney released a new collectible replica depicting the Space Stone from Marvel Studios' Infinity Saga.

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Marvel Exec Explains the MCU's Biggest Changes Since Phase 1

Marvel Studios executive Stephen Broussard detailed how things have changed in-house since Phase 1.

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Marvel Studios Celebrates 15th Anniversary With New MCU Collection

Marvel officially announced that new editions of concept art books for the Infinity Saga will be released.

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Avengers 5: Kevin Feige Teases Kang’s Biggest Threat

Kevin Feige revealed who Kang's biggest threat in the MCU might be

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MCU Watch Order: How to Watch Marvel Movies & Shows In 12 New Ways

With Phase 4 wrapped up, here are 12 different ways to rewatch the MCU.

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Marvel vs. DC: Who Had a Better 2022 In Movies & TV?

Which superhero brand had a better 2022 between theaters and streaming?

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Marvel Studios Is FINALLY Releasing an Official MCU Timeline

A new listing from Penguin Random House revealed plans for an officially-released MCU chronology.

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First Look at 2023 MCU Infinity Saga LEGO Sets (Photos)

LEGO unveiled two new MCU Infinity Saga LEGO sets for 2023.

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Disney Unveils New Marvel Studios Experience on Cruise (Exclusive)

Disney has offered a new dining experience aboard Disney Cruise Line's Disney Wish showcasing the art of Marvel Studios.

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Disney Confirms the 12 Most Important MCU Movies From the Infinity Saga

Disney has shared which MCU movies are most important to watch within the Infinity Saga.

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MCU Rumor Reveals the New ‘Infinity Stones’ of the Multiverse Saga

A new theory suggests that Marvel may have found its Infinity Stones for this new era of MCU storytelling.

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Marvel Studios Announces Disney+ Show That Will Explore MCU Infinity Saga's Most Memorable Scenes

A new series, Legends, will be coming to Disney+ on January 8 to revisit the most iconic moments in the MCU.

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Marvel Leak Reveals MCU Infinity Saga LEGO Sets Featuring Thanos, Captain America & More

A leak on Instagram teased the arrival of the Infinity Saga Marvel LEGO set.

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Marvel's Phase 4 Just Broke a Huge MCU Infinity Saga Milestone

The MCU's Phase 4 just broke a major milestone with its latest release.

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Loki Director Says 'Kang' Scripted Avengers: Endgame & the MCU's Infinity Saga (Exclusive)

Loki director Kate Herron says Kang's position as an all-powerful force is "what you want with storytelling."

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MCU MADNESS: A Tournament to Determine the Champion of the Infinity Saga

A tournament that will determine the champion movie of the Infinity Saga

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Disney+ Reveals New Special Collection for Marvel Studios' Infinity Saga

Disney+ released a new collection of movies dedicated to Marvel Studios' Infinity Saga.

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Marvel Celebrates MCU Phase 1 Movies With New Infinity Saga Covers

Marvel Comics unveils new variant covers for upcoming comics which pay tribute to the films within the first phase of the MCU's Infinity Saga.

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Doctor Strange: Hasbro Unveils Eye of Agamotto From MCU Infinity Saga

Hasbro shows off a new Dr. Strange replica that's sure to please MCU fans.

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Marvel Releases Official MCU Infinity Saga Set With Avengers & Black Widow Characters

A new set of Marvel collectible figurines is now available for purchase, including Infinity Saga heroes and characters from Black Widow

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MCU: 5 Times Marvel Villains Actually Won In the Infinity Saga

The decade-old Marvel Cinematic Universe is packed full of victories for the good guys - but that doesn't mean that they win every time.

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The MCU's Infinity Saga Could Be Dwarfed by Secret Wars Movie Event, Says Russo Brother

Joe and Anthony Russo discuss the potential of a Secret Wars movie, the only potential project to bring them back into the MCU

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Marvel's Infinity Saga 50-Disc Box Set Now Available for UK Pre-Order

New 4K Box Set of Marvel Studios' Infinity Saga Available for Pre-Order in the UK

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