Disney Unveils New Marvel Studios Experience on Cruise (Exclusive)

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Marvel Studios Disney Cruise

Disney has unveiled new details about its "gorgeous" behind-the-scenes Marvel Studios experience offered aboard the Disney Wish cruise. 

In recent years, Disney and Marvel Studios have been actively creating cinematic experiences at the Disney Parks, from Avengers Campus at the Disneyland Resort and Disneyland Paris to Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind at EPCOT. 

But in July, Disney unveiled yet another way for MCU fans to assemble at the Worlds of Marvel experience aboard Disney Cruise Line's Wish. 

Themed after an Avengers tech showcase, Worlds of Marvel features a sleek "Stark-itecture" design and hosts the Avengers: Quantum Encounter experience via screens fixed throughout the immersive dining destination. 

While all guests aboard the Wish have the opportunity to check out Worlds of Marvel's Quantum Encounter, the restaurant also features a different MCU production on 4-night cruises.

The Other MCU Experience Offered Aboard the Disney Wish

Avengers by Ryan Meinerding

In an exclusive interview with The Direct, Disney Imagineer Danny Handke shared details about the additional experience offered at Worlds of Marvel known as Art of Marvel Studios.

According to Handke, "Art of Marvel Studios is our second production for Worlds of Marvel" that highlights the "visual development of the Infinity Saga:" 

"Art of Marvel Studios is our second production for Worlds of Marvel and is featured on 4-night cruises on the Disney Wish. It’s a looping 75-minute experience exploring the visual development of the Infinity Saga from Iron Man to Avengers: Endgame."

Worlds of Marvel DCL
The Direct

Concept art from the MCU's original three phases is shown on the Worlds of Marvel's screens creating, as Handke described, a "gorgeous moving art gallery:"

"There are hundreds of conceptual images in the show, transforming the restaurant into a gorgeous moving art gallery."

Throughout the history of the MCU, it's become a tradition for Marvel to release art books celebrating the visual development of its film's heroes and villains. 

Worlds of Marvel DCL
The Direct

Disney isn't just continuing the tradition but celebrating it through this particular production; and with hundreds of images spanning a 75-minute experience, there's plenty for fans to discover. 

As Handke noted, "Never has the art of the MCU been assembled in this way." 

While this additional show is a bonus for fans of the red brand, Disney is also actively updating its experiences to keep up with the ever-expanding MCU. 

Danny Handke also shared with The Direct that Worlds of Marvel's background music will soon be updated and extended. 

While the original loop "featured MCU film score from Iron Man to Eternals," the updated loop will include cues from the latest Marvel Studios films and Disney+ series, including "Hawkeye, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Moon Knight," and even "She-Hulk:"

"The original background music loop is around 60 minutes and featured MCU film score from Iron Man to Eternals. The updated loop, which is planned for January 2023, is 120 minutes and includes cues from Hawkeye, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Moon Knight, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Ms. Marvel, Thor: Love & Thunder and She-Hulk."

The Complete MCU Fan Experience

While action and humor are key to a Marvel experience, many of its fans are just as interested in how the finished product came to be, especially since the MCU is inspired by the comics. 

At Worlds of Marvel, Disney Imagineering has found a way to provide those fans with both. 

Quantum Encounter delivers the laughs, the action, and a classic Avengers ensemble; and the Art of Marvel Studios celebrates and educates fans on how its characters evolved from storyboard to screen. 

As a reminder, the Art of Marvel Studios production is only offered on 4-night cruises on the Wish and there are two Infinity Saga characters that won't be seen in the show. 

This absentee duo consists of Hulk and Spider-Man which, like their films' absence on Disney+, is likely due to contractual issues. 

Overall, Worlds of Marvel on the Disney Wish continues to be a prime example of Disney Imagineering continuing to find new ways for Marvel fans to assemble and experience the MCU off-screen. 

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