Disney Brings Back MCU Spider-Man for Avengers: Quantum Encounter (Exclusive)

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The MCU's own friendly neighborhood Spider-Man just joined his fellow heroes at Disney's Avengers: Quantum Encounter

Located at the Worlds of Marvel restaurant aboard the Disney Wish, Avengers: Quantum Encounter is a mini-Avengers adventure featuring the MCU's new hero roster, such as Ant-Man, Sam Wilson's Captain America, Captain Marvel, and Ms. Marvel

Upon its debut last June, Disney revealed that one unrealized version featured "Spider-Man for the longest time." 

Now, thanks to a new update, Disney finally found a way to bring the MCU's web-slinger aboard.

Disney Brings Spider-Man to Avengers: Quantum Encounter

Spider-Man at Worlds of Marvel on the Disney Wish

A recent video (beginning at 26:50) showed Marvel fans experiencing Spider-Man's latest MCU cameo during Avengers: Quantum Encounter

During the action, Spidey appears on-screen - and against the backdrop of Avengers Tower - and tries to tell FRIDAY about an incoming threat to the Avengers. 

He ultimately decides to take a Quinjet from New York City to Worlds of Marvel on the Disney Wish.

Spider-Man at Avengers Tower seen at Worlds of Marvel on the Disney Wish

However, while the Avengers (and Worlds of Marvel guests) save the day prior to his arrival, that doesn't stop the friendly neighborhood webhead from congratulating guests on their heroic efforts, all while celebrating to the tunes of his "victory playlist." 

Spider-Man at Worlds of Marvel on the Disney Wish

Speaking with The Direct, Danny Handke, the Creative Director for Worlds of Marvel, confirmed Spider-Man was added to Quantum Encounter earlier this year as part of an initiative to "update Worlds of Marvel as the Marvel universe continues to evolve:"

"We added the new content in February as part our plan to update Worlds of Marvel as the Marvel universe continues to evolve. We're always looking for new ways to surprise and delight the guests onboard our ships."

Handke also noted that Spider-Man "borrows" Mr. Stark's Quinjet "from Avengers Tower to fly to the Bahamas:"

"Spider-Man shows up late to the battle with Ultron because he has to travel all the way from Avengers Tower in New York. That’s quite the commute! Spider-Man actually ‘borrows’ a Quinjet from Avengers Tower to fly to the Bahamas – in 10 minutes no less!"

Upon Avengers: Quantum Encounter's 2022 debut at Worlds of Marvel, The Direct learned one of the Marvel characters initially selected for the finale "was Spider-Man for the longest time."

When asked if this new update was a way to finally realize that original plan, Handke said, "Yes:"

"Yes! Our guests are deeply connected to Spider-Man. Having him appear live in the dining room and launch the victory celebration ends 'Avengers: Quantum Encounter' on a high note."

Previously, Ant-Man and the Wasp were the live-action characters who greeted guests following the show. But now, Spider-Man is serving as that "finale to Avengers: Quantum Encounter:"

"Spider-Man’s live appearance is the perfect finale to 'Avengers: Quantum Encounter'. Ant-Man and the Wasp will continue to meet and greet Guests during special visiting hours in the Marvel Super Hero Academy."

Now, while this Spider-Man is meant to be Tom Holland's MCU web-crawler (his distinct Spider symbol is even part of the show's visual design), Holland didn't voice the character as he did for Disneyland's WEB-SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure

Instead, Hudson Thames, who voiced Spider-Man in What If...? on Disney+, voiced the hero for this particular cameo. 

However, Kerry Condon, the longtime voice of FRIDAY, did return to record new dialogue for this new addition.

Spider-Man's Other Multiverse Story

The reason why the MCU's Peter Parker is involved in a mission with Ms. Marvel, Ant-Man, and Sam Wilson's Cap can - like most things involving Marvel these days - be explained with the Multiverse.

Disney's MCU theme park experiences are considered a "Variant of the main MCU timeline" which "mirrors" what's happening on the big screen and Disney+, but is able to "go in different directions."

And, for Marvel fans, this is a huge win as all MCU heroes - past and present - still exist alongside one another, offering crossovers and adventures that simply wouldn't be possible otherwise. 

Worlds of Marvel's latest Spidey update isn't just an example of this benefit, but it proves this "timeline" isn't static but continues to offer new surprises "as the Marvel universe continues to evolve." 

Prior to this February add, Worlds of Marvel unveiled "Art of Marvel Studios" on 4-night cruises, as well as an updated music loop featuring cues from "Hawkeye, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Moon Knight," and even "She-Hulk:"

It will be fascinating to see what other surprises Disney rolls out as the MCU moves forward.

But in the meantime, fans dining at Worlds of Marvel aboard the Disney Wish can now enjoy Earth-616's (or 199999?) Spider-Man's latest cameo, all before chatting with the web-slinger in person over dessert!

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