Marvel's What If Review, Hudson Thames Interview, Iconic MCU Sounds Draft

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The Direct Podcast Episode 52




More Marvel news. More Marvel content. Another Marvel-packed episode!

This week, we sit down with the voice of What If...?'s Peter Parker, Hudson Thames. Thames talks to us about the What If...? experience, the feelings of being cast as Peter Parker, and what it means to play such a big role in the MCU. 

Speaking of What If...?, we are in the endgame now with Episode 7 in the books. We review the Party Thor episode and break down the pros and cons of leaning into the Saturday morning cartoon vibe. Also, with only two episodes remaining, what can fans expect in the final stretch of the season?

Finally, we are joined by 15 Minutes of Marvel host Ethan Simmie to draft the most iconic sounds in the MCU. With Marvel Games releasing a Wolverine game, SNIKT in the MCU is just around the corner. Before we get there, what are the best audible cues in the MCU?


2:54 - Quick Question

11:35 - Sizzle Reel

13:44 - Ms. Marvel 2022

20:05 - Venom in the MCU?

26:00 - Disney+ Day November 12

30:00 - What If...? Review

53:13 - Hudson Thames Interview

1:16:00 - Iconic MCU Sounds Draft

1:53:00 - Weekly Recs

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